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As we all know, hiring or buying your own teleprompter can be very expensive, running a small production company or attempting to make your own showreel means you probably don’t have hundreds - or even thousands (some can cost in the region of £5000) - to spend on the type of devices used in a high end studio. Luckily, the advent of nearly everything being available in app form means that teleprompting can now be done from the comfort of your own iPad (or similar tablet) - today we’ll take a brief look at the iPad Teleprompter. The Pad Prompter by Canada’s OneTakeOnly is currently one of the best and most affordable tablet based prompters on market. Similarly sized (when folded) to a small laptop, the handmade prompter attaches either to a rail system or independently to a tripod. The design is simple and sleek, making it a breeze to attach your iPad/tablet before firing up your prompting app of choice and letting the camera roll. Another significant advantage of the Pad Prompter is that you can connect your smartphone via Bluetooth to use as a remote control - this brings the obvious benefit of changing the speed of the scroll, rewinding for second takes and changing cue sheets without having to move an inch - I’ve found this feature especially handy when presenting on my own! If you are a budding presenter but need some good tips and techniques, here’s a short list that will help you on your way: 1. Vary volume, pitch and the flow of delivery. Making sure you speak slower and clearer than you would usually. It may well sound silly or unnatural during the shoot, but you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the end results! 2. Know your material. Whether you are presenting information, interviewing or even being interviewed, preparation even when using a teleprompter is the key to a natural and flowing style. 3. Avoid shifty eyes. It is important to maintain steady eye contact as this portrays you as credible and trustworthy. TV cameras can zoom in on your features, so shifty eye movement or unsteadiness will be evident. 4. Dress. Your dress style should be appropriate for the content you are presenting on, it’s often the first thing a viewer will notice. Excess jewellery and strong patterns such as zig zags or polka dots can draw the viewer's attention away from what it is you're actually presenting about. If you have anymore tips or tricks tweet us at @editorskeys The Pad Prompter can be purchased directly from Happy presenting! KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015 | 39