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and be sent out to clients, and they can drive social media and other traffi c to web pages. alloy wheels per month, he’d make an extra $2500 profi t. That is an additional $30,000 in a year. You simply have to help your client understand the benefi ts of using video. Remember, most businesses are very focused on the volume, by that I mean website visitors and website traffi c. Many focus on the bigger numbers because more traffi c equals more sales. One way to help the client understand the ROI of video, is to ask them to do some simple math. For example; let’s imagine Bob who manufactures custom alloy wheels. He currently sells 10 sets of alloy wheels per week and makes $5000 profi t. Taking a four week month as an average, Bob is currently making $20,000 per month profi t. Over the course of the year, that’s $240,000. Let’s now imagine you could make a series of videos showing the craftsmanship, care and hand detailing on that product. That video could then be uploaded to YouTube and promoted. If he was able to sell an extra fi ve sets of If you now asked Bob how much he was willing to spend in order to increase fi ve more sets of sales per month that were worth $30,000 a year, he may be willing to spend one third of that extra profi t. In truth, he may well be able to sell even more than those predicted fi ve extra sales per month, but it’s about educating the customer what is possible, and how a video could really be a fantastic return on investment. The really great aspect of this example is that – more than likely, Bob will make more sales than predicted - and with more sales, he’s likely to ask for more videos. This method of approaching clients from their point of view (what’s in it for them) is more likely to have greater outcomes for you and your video business. If you want to discover how to easily attract more customers and clients go to www.businessforfi KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015 | 43