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66 EQUIPMENT 40 CLASS - WHERE DO CAPTIONS & SUBTITLES LIVE? 42 DEALING WITH CLIENTS WITH DEN LENNIE 44 LIGHTING KEEPING UP TO DATE IS VITAL ISSUE 105 66 CASE STUDY: THE LOBSTER - ACHIEVING A TEXTURAL GRAIN FUNDAMENTALS WITH LARRY JORDAN 46 ARE YOU A TRAINER - NEXT MONTH Profiles, equipment reviews, top tips and opinions... REGULARS For the latest equipment added to KitPlus for sale follow @tvbaykit on Twitter LOCATION & LIVE OB: Cameras, Intercoms, Wireless, Satellite, Cellular, Live Events, Miniaturisation. IBC Show Issue Read all previous KitPlus articles at and follow @tvbay for latest news 48 STREAMING GRADUATION - ONE UNI’S STORY 90 CHASING THE RATINGS WITH DICK HOBBS 46 Neil Hutchins Kieron Seth Jon Hilton Liam Laminman Nick Allen-Miles Yorgos Lanthimos Dick Hobbs Page 50 Page 54 Page 56 Page 58 Page 64 Page 66 Page 90 Search all previous articles at KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 104 AUGUST 2015 | 05