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£17500 Mitsubishi » Canter CONDITION New SELLER Onvision ITEM ID 164769 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 B R O A D C A S T 4 to 6 Camera HD unit ith one main production area and storage area at rear. KA band lightweight portable Uplink included in sale. 1999 model Mitsubishi Canter 3.5 tonne lorry with a box body. This vehicle can be driven on an ordinary UK car licence. The rear half of the box is accessed by a full size door, hinged at the top, which lifts up on pressure struts to give access to the heavier £550000 Smiths Great Bentley UK » HD Trailer 2007 CONDITION New SELLER Onvision ITEM ID 159907 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 High speciation double expanding full HD trailer built in UK 2007. Designed for sports events with up to 24 cameras. Aprox 27 seating positions. Cameras and VTR are not included but can be added on request at additional cost new or used. Sony MVS 8000 Vision Mixer Supports all HD / SD Formats - 80 Input, 4 ME, 2ch DVE per ME, HD / SD Simultaneous Outputs. 64x colour £25000 Specialist Suppliers To The Industry +44 (0) 1923 650 080 £70000 Uk » 11m Filmlight » Baselight 2 CONDITION New SELLER Onvision CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 162777 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 ITEM ID 146907 CONTACT 01932 240305 Recently fully Refurbished unit. 3 production rooms with mains power. Partition Doors. Opening cable tray down right hand side of rooms. In our opinion this unit is in excellent all round condition. Body recently re painted. Access steps with hand rails at side and rear. Has been used as VTR recording / playback - Graphics - Editing.Onvision Broadcast +44(0)208 763 4198 £45000 BASELIGHT TWO FILM/VIDEO GRADING SYSTEM Version 4.4 5U rack mountable chassis with 40 TB of formatted RAID storage (2 TB disks) High performance floating point rendering system with GPU acceleration Dedicated GUI PC, D14 keyboard and mouse Unlimited primary and secondary grading events Flexible and combinable film style or telecine style grading Scene £POA VW » Transporter Filmlight » Filmlight Baselight CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 164766 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 ITEM ID 163142 CONTACT 01932 240305 2007 Single Thread System. 1.2 metre Antenna Upod System fully automated. Built in Generator. Tanberg Encoder MPEG2. Right Hand drive UK spec vehicle. 5 complete working Units available for immediate delivery. Worldwide shipping arranged . Complete system available for sale includes Blackboard One and truelight. Further details contact For