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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT Intercom Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II roaming wireless products will be on displa at tand . with the compan looking to demonstrate how it is possible to mi s stem components rom di erent bands on the same s stem. here is no one si e fi ts all system when it comes to wireless intercom,” said Simon Browne, Clear-Com’s director of product management. “Depending on a number o actors including si e o coverage area workfl ow and number of users, presence of other wireless devices and country regulation, sometimes it makes more sense to deploy one band over the other and sometimes the best solution for capacity is to use both in the same production. With FreeSpeak II, you have the option to select either band or both that works best for your scenario.” lear om will introduce the . version o ree peak at the show. t tand . rilog Communications will focus on its new VoiceFlow communication unit and emini distributed matri intercom s stem. capabilities and integration with e isting intercom s stems eature prominently in both products. VCU’s capabilities include available peer-to-peer architecture and high communications channel density in an confi guration. he emini II doubles the channel capacity of the current product range and is intended to integrate legacy analogue and IP communications. erman s R .tv has bought Riedel ommunications edior et real time media network and rtist digital matri intercom system for use in a new van and three vehicles. n total edior et Compact Pro frames, one Artist main rame and more than panels have been added. Bernd Pohlmann, head of mobile production at R .tv said he high degree of reliability, the scalability, and the signal quality of the edior et and rtist solutions were a decisive factor for us, as was the minimal cabling and setup e ort that comes with edior et. 18 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015