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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT Virtualised workflow Forbidden Technologies has developed what it describes as the fi rst end to end virtualised workfl ow for the post-production and distribution of video content.” The hardware-independent innovation is based on a combination of the cloud editing platform Forscene and Microsoft’s Azure cloud computing platform. The set-up sees the Forscene ingest server running as a virtual machine on the Microsoft Azure platform. Live broadcast streams are transcoded and ingested into Forscene accounts just seconds behind the live feed. Video editors can then create sub-clips or full highlights packages using orscene s rom anywhere in the world. Once the edit is complete, they can drop the sequence back onto Azure for faster- than-real-time conforming and distribution. The workfl ow will be on show at tand . e. File-based audio roducts has made available hini a suite o desktop and enterprise tools that allow audio engineers to measure correct and adjust audio fi les on the fl instead o having to return them to post facilities. Available as standalone desktop applications or as a fully integrated system, the new suite of tools includes comprehensive loudness measurement, correction and compliance, Dolby-E encoding and decoding, options or track shu fl ing and up down mi ing audio description mi as well as channel replacement and e traction. new module that will anal se the fi le structure will be available soon. hini will be on show or the fi rst time in urope at tand . . Infrastructure and keying Audio routing and Signal processing A new Crystal Vision platform that is suitable for and and also supports adapted variants o e isting video and audio products is making its industr debut at tand . . Similar to Crystal Vision’s Indigo frame, the new ision rame s stem has the abilit to house different signals together and features a choice of outputs via changeable rear modules. Also part o the package is two b s thernet connections or control and fi le trans er including the updating of card software - plus remote backup and restore of all card settings and pre sets. he si ed rame will be shown at with an initial cards including chroma and linear keyers, up and down converters, synchronisers, embedders, routing switches, colour correctors, video and audio delays and audio converters. echnolog will introduce an e panded version o its enta audio router and modular inter ace converter at tand . b . ew eatures include e panded routing capabilit increased rom to plus signal detection signal level monitoring, peak programme meters and signal level control on all inputs and outputs. Two new plug-in cards for the enta will be introduced at the show. hese comprise an eight channel line level input output inter ace with optional sampling rate conversion plus a dual MADI input/output. upport or a ull channel analogue input/output confi guration will be demonstrated. 22 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015