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Streaming and routing will demonstrate its new heetah le h brid routing environment and integrated ew ek routing s stem at tand . . heetah le supports resolutions up to and works with both baseband and IP-based video and audio sources. The new lade stem which houses up to . encoding decoding cards in the R Ross open ear chassis is installed directly into a Cheetah digital video router frame adjacent to traditional baseband routing hardware. ased on the stream compact streaming appliance a card supports R and R streams while a supports transport streams. oth cards can be confi gured as a two port video encoder two port decoder, or can include one of each. Other features include HDMI I/O ports, an OLED display of the card’s IP address and the ability to sync up to two e ternal audio sources to either or both video streams. Tapeless workflows Pronology has added Location Intelligence to its media asset management s stem. n show at tand . and designed for editors and producers, the new feature allows a user to determine at a glance whether the required content is available immediately or needs to be transferred. The development is intended for situations where material is located in different geographical locations - either locally or globally. Mike Shore, co-founder of Pronology, said: “[It] essentially erases the barrier of distance, adding greater e fi cienc to the production and post workfl ow and providing economy of effort within an organization.” Asset management on has launched edia avigator an asset management s stem for ‘small to mid-level production environments’ including regional broadcasters and production companies. The new platform, which supports a wide selection o modern media ormats including has been designed to allow customers to manage, distribute and archive their most valuable assets. It is able to orchestrate key phases o the content workfl ow rom ingest catalogue and editing to review approvals, distribution including cloud - and archive. It is said to require no deep technical knowledge for operation. Streamline your Broadcast Workflow 7.B30 Non-blocking 576 port KVM matrix n Modular, flexible 24/7 technology n Instant KVM and USB switching n Cat X/Fiber/3G-SDI support n IHSE GmbH - Headquarters Maybachstrasse 11 88094 Oberteuringen n Germany IHSE GmbH Asia Pacific Pte Ltd 158 Kallang Way n #07-13A Singapore 349245 IHSE USA LLC 1 Corporate Drive Cranbury, NJ 08512 n USA KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 | 29