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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER “ Cloud playout is all the rage because it has the potential to offer broadcasters significant technical and commercial possibilities. It can allow them to get their content efficiently to what is an increasingly fragment and demanding audience. As such there will be plenty of examples of services, some hybrid, some complete, on show at IBC. There is real concern, however, that some suppliers are just sticking ‘cloud’ stickers on their services because it’s still a buzzword rather than because they actually exploit what the cloud can offer. As an example, by providing remote access via the web to a traditional channel-in-the-box that is located in a private data centre is hardly utilising the cloud to its full extent and could be argued is not a cloud service at all. Although it pains people to admit it, virtualisation is not the same thing as the cloud (not least as it often requires the management of serious IT and engineering power). As such, it does not provide the flexibility that should be inherent with the cloud. Cloud playout should be independent of any proprietary hardware and should be available as a pure SaaS (Software as a Service) subscription. That is where the sweet spot is for broadcasters who can then be more nimble and efficient when delivering content. “ Let’s hope that 2015 is the year that the “cloud” stops being a buzzword and that more broadcast quality services start coming online that are not just mimicking what we’ve always done - but on a virtualised platform somewhere remote - and genuinely exploit its benefits. Fibre termination oseph lectronics has added the to its igital ibre ransport eries o signal transport devices. Designed for low cost and minimal rack space, the DFT-16 provides point-to-point HD transport and can be customised to accommodate a variet o production environments including vehicles and small sports stadiums. It can handle up to channels o or in a R and over one single mode fibre. he direction o the signal path is user configurable in pairs o two HDR homson ideo etworks will use tand . to demonstrate how its i real time compression device can encode a live Ultra HD TV signal that includes igh namic Range R. he i uses to provide an optimal video e perience to viewers b compressing live sources at up to 60 frames per second and in 10-bit colour. uring the demo the i will take a R signal rom a compliant broadcast feed and encode it in order to provide a standard UHD HEVC Main10 compressed stream with specific R in ormation. i with R support will be commerciall available in earl DAB+ Terneuzen-based radio operator Broadcast Partners has built our new regional networks in the etherlands with newly developed key functionality provided by wcom technolog . hannels and , the country’s regional networks, cover the whole of the etherlands and the signal distribution is achieved over with wcoms le tract istribution tractor. o increase the robustness o the distribution roadcast artners uses twin streams and e ploits the le tract technolog s abilit to reorder the activated orward error correction and spreading o packets in the EDI stream www. 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015