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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Streaming File transfers la o echnolog the world s premier television channel in a bo brand with over pla out and branding channels has announced a major addition to its product range. loud ir streamlines workfl ows to deliver television from the cloud. It can dramatically lower the capital e penditure cost o running established and start-up television channels. CloudAir will form the basis o a technolog demonstration at the impending International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. nlimi ech o tware will o fi ciall launch version . o ile atal st irect at tand . . ile atal st irect is a suite of client and server applications that per orm point to point accelerated fi le trans ers at speeds o up to bps. ompatible with ma on the latest version includes e tended support or d namic fi les. his sees the so tware compensate or potential fi le trans er errors such as those that don t grow se uentiall or are inappropriatel modifi ed b certain fi le ormats. ersion . is also said to be able to reduce the wait or fi le trans er corrections and can also re trans er portions o a fi le that have been modifi ed once the primary transfer is complete. he loud ir plat orm is one o the most e citing new developments in broadcasting since the transition from tape based to fi le based content management and pla out sa s on sh la o echnolog anaging Partner and Director, Sales. “This is a real game-changer with the potential to empower literally thousands of new programme streams, quickly, easily and very affordably. Whether you are a broadcaster, playout company manager telco e ecutive or simpl a creative individual with a bright idea for a new television channel, come and see the CloudAir technology demonstrations on the la o echnolog stand . . e are making broadcasting a whole lot easier.” ore news rom al bo includes their new loud ir virtual application which has been selected by Tata ommunications a leading provider o ew orld of Communications™, to support its new cloud broadcast playout service. The new broadcast playout service originall announced at as part o Tata Communications’ cloud-based media ecosystem plat orm will be available in eptember and accessible under full IP-based connectivity control to customers globally. www.pla bo .tv 38 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 fi lecatal Ad insertion t . eneral namics ediaware will showcase an HEVC-ready play out and ad insertion platform. InStream Splice is capable of frame accurately splicing at all resolutions up to UHD and is said to allow broadcasters to quickly launch additional localised channels. InStream can be used for satellite, terrestrial, cable and IP television. The Mediaware Technology atri will also be on show. his innovation enables operators to unite Mediaware’s real-time stream processing technologies in a chassis to deliver high quality video over ASI and IP.