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NEWS STOP PRESS JVC announces GY-LS300 4KCAM version 2.0 firmware upgrade including JVC Log, Cinema 4K Recording Format and Unique Prime Lens Zoom J has just announced a version . irmware upgrade or its handheld uper camcorder. he upgrade adds a ‘JVC Log’ mode that practically duplicates the look o ilm plus new inema and inema recording modes, a unique Prime Zoom feature that uses the camera’s innovative technology to allow zoom capabilities when using prime lenses, and a histogram. Free for all current owners, the upgrade will be available later this month. ith the new og mode the delivers wide latitude and high d namic range up to percent to rival the look o film. he camera s uper sensor delivers a higher contrast ratio between dark and bright areas within the frame without saturation while providing details within highlights and shadows. . also adds inema and inema recording modes at various rame rates each with a aspect ratio for digital cinema presentations, along with the ability to output a full HD signal via HDMI/SDI when in recording mode per ect or monitoring in HD. rime lenses have a fi ed ocal length but the s new rime oom eature takes advantage of JVC’s unique Variable Scan Mapping technology, which was created to electronically adapt the active area of the camera’s image sensor to provide native support of various lenses when paired with third- party lens adapters. When used with a Micro Four hirds prime lens the image can be adjusted between the ma imum scan area and minimum scan area using the camera’s zoom rocker. As a result, the camera can deliver . ma imum oom or or . ma imum oom or . he new rime oom eature can also be used as a lens e tender or oom lenses. ersion . adds a histogram displa which is use ul or checking the e posure b showing the brightness distribution of the image. The function is accessed through a convenient user button, and the range can be set to provide top and bottom limits. Beyond a histogram . adds a colour matri adjustment spot meter or setting e posure values and black paint setting to precisely adjust colour temperature o master black. here s a oom or critical focus, which along with the camera’s standard waveform and focal assist features, makes setting up the per ect shot a little easier with a new bps 40 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 recording mode that makes it possible to record on economical Class 10 SDHC/SDXC memory cards. There’s also the ability to trigger recordings via HDMI/SDI and JVC support via the tomos hogun e ternal recorder. “We listened to our customers and made sure this firmware upgrade delivered the eatures the wanted as well as recording modes specificall designed or the digital cinema market said ustav mrich uropean product manager . he will also have the unique ability to use a prime lens as a oom lens which gives filmmakers even more shooting fle ibilit . Designed for cinematographers, educators, documentarians, and broadcast production departments, the is the flagship camera or s new product line. t accommodates a variet o workflows with the latest advancements in imaging and e ficient encoding or seamless workflow integration. It also includes a built-in HD streaming engine with Wi-Fi and connectivit or live transmission directl to hardware decoders, the Wowza Streaming Engine and the ro roadcaster server powered b i i. ith support or various streaming protocols including R the cameras can stream directly to content delivery networks s like stream and popular eb sites like YouTube. For further information, please visit www. kcam or see us at on stand . .