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EDUCATION TVFutures: Student pitch ts that time o the ear again to welcome the ne t selection of students who will are willing to share their e periences and adventures to our readership. owever as KitPlus continues to evolve, so does our approach to features and articles, and we tackle TVFutures with a slightly different slant this time around. The focus this year is still on the University of Portsmouth course - BSc Television and Broadcasting - but the twist will be that students will be pitching ideas for articles en mass, thus giving them a real insight into the competitive challenges of having an idea and suggestion selected via a commissioning editor. My selection this month is from soon-to-be third year onathan uinn and his pitch on s and multi skilling seemed very appropriate to this months theme. Multi-skilled approaches to Live OB’s b onathan H uinn i everybody, my name is Jonathan uinn and at the time o writing this I’m just a few days away from beginning my third and final year of my TV and Broadcasting degree course. Thinking back to when I was originally searching for an appropriate course, the one thing I kept on hearing was ‘make sure you choose one that has a particular focus on multi-skilling’. To be really honest I wasn’t entirely sure I fully understood what that meant, and it unnerved me a little because I knew in my heart that post-production was really all that I wanted to focus on. The open day at Portsmouth convinced me that multi-skilling was an essential element of a specialist course, mainly because this is one of the clear messages coming from the industry So I choose a course that was incredibly strong in post- production and one that o ered vid ser ertifi cation but also one that produces weekly live TV and outside broadcast. As a student I’ve been able to pursue my passion and interest in post-production as much as I hoped I would, but I’ve been amazed at how much the live element has attracted my interest as well. I thought that a live outside broadcast would be an e citing and great e perience and ve reall not been disappointed. There is an element of adventure when going live on air and couple that with a new e ternal location well everybody starts to get a bit giddy from adrenaline and nerves. e perience reall began a ter an invite from my course leader, Charlie Watts, who is keen to always put on one big broadcast in May. All students were offered the chance to attend and help, and I got jib operator! 54 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015