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I’ve never operated a jib in my life, but thankfully after I had the initial training and most of the day to practice, things started to fall into place. When the show began and they starting taking my camera feed it felt like an e tra jolt o electricit was circulated through m veins. elt so alive t was e citing nerve racking and ama ing at times, but also stressful, sometimes a tad scary and, when I wasn’t live, a little dull due to the waiting for something to happen one o this is to sa that didn t enjo the e perience because am alread looking orward to the ne t one. o i had to review the whole e perience o using the jib d sa that the ibec wi t ib is superb. The one we have can be operated at a height of up to metres and is ver uick to assemble making it easily transportable from studio to outside broadcast location. All the components can be powered via batteries allowing great fl e ibilit and with a bit o practice thanks ike arsons the jib is airl straightforward to operate and is equipped with the ibec R Remote ead. he remote head o ers pan and tilt at variable speeds from a joystick, making it simple to achieve great dynamic shots which add to the production value. t s an e cellent addition to the arsenal of kit that is appearing within our faculty providing new angles and scale to our approaches to broadcast. So if I haven’t been crystal clear, this bit of kit gets a big tick from me! It’s been a hell of a ride since joining this course. I’ve ended up completing an amazing placement with Avid where I’ve spent time at Pinewood Studio’s, visited high-end post facilities, and I even got chance to attend a ke note speech rom om ross the fi lm editor o Whiplash! I’ve spent time working with Portsmouth Football Club and dealing with OB responsibilities there as well. reall wanted a ull on e perience and sure am getting it. On the latter point, if I had to advise any other students on how to reap the benefi ts rom an e tra curricula activit d sa once ou hear about any kind of opportunity, go for it with all of your energy! The whole issue with student fees these days seem to give some the idea that they are owed opportunities ar be ond what the course is about. n m e perience a great course provides all of the opportunities to learn, and the staff will also give out lots of notice and information on things we might want to get involved with. Essential they let us know of an ‘open door’, but you’ve got to make the effort to go through the door yourself, and opportunities aren’t going to chase you, and its you that have to chase them. I’m genuinely not sure if students in general really get that last part. Anyway, I’m pleased to have got that off my chest! My thanks to you all for reading this and I hope it was informative. I hope to win another article pitch later in the year and have this platform again to share my thoughts. Searching? broadcast cameraman Search with full details of hundreds of GTC accredited Camera Operators, Lighting Cameramen, DoPs and specialist cameramen, why go anywhere else? KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015 | 55