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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE by Will Strauss “ IP will be everywhere at IBC, from the camera-back to the set-top box. You don’t need us to tell you that. By piggybacking on the advances that continue to take place in the IT world, we’ve now reached a significant turning point: the broadcast industry no longer (necessarily) requires proprietary kit to get TV programmes made and delivered to viewers. Instead, it has a neutral platform for video data that is capable of doing what is required (even in a live environment) and it is simply the software on top that determines which format it is working in and what you can do with that data. We now operate in an era almost entirely defined by software. As such, as we go forward, the hope is that broadcasters will only have to invest once in hardware – and it will be generic and off-the-shelf and able to handle multiple formats. It should significantly aid the move through the likes of 4K, high-frame rates and HDR to 8K and beyond, offering up all sorts of different production, manipulation and delivery options along the way. It is with these things in mind that the LiveIP Project has come about. A collaboration between Belgium’s VRT, the EBU and a group of technology partners, the objective is to build and operate a Live TV production studio with IP-based and IT-centric hardware and software. It already works and a cut-down ‘proof of concept’ version will be on show at IBC. According to those behind it: “the project shows a high level of interoperability between multiple vendors, enabling seamless switching and limited redundancy of uncompressed video and audio feeds as they’re transported over an IP network.” “ This may well be the blueprint for the future, a future defined by the software we develop and subscribe to, not the hardware we buy and install. Switchers irtual et tudios and Router ontrol are among the new eatures in the version so tware or roadcast i s integrated production switchers. ue to be shown at tand . Virtual Set Studios is an enhanced toolset for creating virtual environments that provides for multi-angle sets, zoom capabilities and better light manipulation. Router ontrol allows an roadcast i s stem to include e ternal sources in live productions. Router ontrol works with ideo stems routers to e tend the o the production switcher through a simple TCP/IP connection. It is considered to be a cost effective option for facilities with multiple sources feeding other house equipment. It also allows easy cross-point control of router sources to router destinations eeding a roadcast i s stem. www.broadcastpi .com Complete Connectivity Media Fibre Networks | Satellite Services | Distribution Streaming | Satellite Products See us at IBC in Hall 1.C55 06 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015