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LOCATION & LIVE OB b atsa aile M ulti-camera filming has been known for years. There was a time when shooting any production involving multiple- camera positions would require a very large studio budget. Today we have many solutions or live vision mi ing and great editing platforms what offer multi-camera editing. As there are so many great products and tools at our disposal that can be frustrating as we never have enough time to set up the equipment properly as the end client always demands more as technology advances at a ast pace so does the e pectations from the client. In many cases we need to show the live mi on to screens projectors live stream over the internet or both or just need an instant multi-camera shoot. As we know the editing platforms can not provide this quick fast turnaround. There are lots of solution out there for anybody’s budget but you still can’t beat driving an OB van up to location, parking up and ready to go till recently it has been out of the reach for many productions companies budgets. For many productions on a very tight budget who want to do live multi-camera, show the live edit on screens or live streaming. You get to the event and start setting up and there is never enough time to set equipment up properly. It also means arriving at the venue many hours before the event. Sometimes it can be very stressful and might put you in a wrong frame of mind, can give lots of stress on yourself, your crew and your client. Another important thing to look at is economics. Time is money you need to set up fast and ready to go and have all confidence that it all is going to work. Making multi- camera shooting faster & more affordable t the ccolade roductions we wanted to find a solution as of work is live events multi-camera. We were so frustrated with carr ing e uipment in flight cases in and out o the venues and make everything work, also, we tried on many occasions to hire an van or our projects but we ound that it was too e pensive for our budget, so we decided to build our own affordable OB van. We can cater from the smallest up to a large scale production and we can now offer our OB van to other production companies. The OB van can easily be branded for your production giving your compan high profile. Accolade Productions OB van is based around Blackmagic’s latest equipment and at the heart of the system is an ATEM switcher. ith inputs. e can also all cameras audio and record the mi in various ormats. t has independent au outputs to eed projectors and monitors and has a lot of scope to be tailor made for your requirements. We can add on e tra e uipment such as additional cameras etc. and provide a full crew. The van is also available for dry hire or with a full crew. This is idea for small to large productions including broadcast, concerts theatre shows corporate events training films ashion shows, outdoor festivals, sporting events and also a variety of social media events. e can record the live mi send to large screens or stream live over the internet he options are also available simultaneousl . All this and more at a budget that is suitable for all. or more in o contact us on or email or check out our website 62 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015