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LOCATION & LIVE OB Wireless and satellite by John Wastcoat E ach day, clips and other promotional materials needed to be transferred from the shooting location in South rica to etwork en s editors in dne Australia. However, the show’s distant and isolated filming location in the South African jungle posed some major challenges for the broadcaster. Editors were required to deliver large video files intercontinentally over poor network conditions and with a lack of infrastructure that was not conducive to file transfer. espite the di fi cult circumstances the ustralian broadcaster success ull implemented our e fi cient cloud based deliver solution spera n emand . uilt on our patented FASP technology, AOD was able to achieve the fast, stable and secure transfer of promotional content to etwork en s head uarters in dne a ter each da o fi lming wrapped up. p to fi les per da were delivered with each fi le reaching to . spera s subscription based aspe n emand breaks the bottleneck or big data and enabled etwork en to tap into the cloud-based resources they needed throughout the three-month project and to then scale back those resources after the show’s completion. he solution streamlined etwork en s workfl ow enabling promo editors in South Africa to deliver packaged clips at high speed to editors in dne where fi les were automatically downloaded via Aspera Cargo and ready to be polished and fi nalised be ore airing on the network. Aspera was able to relieve many of the pain points etwork en had e perienced previousl with standard FTP transfers. During initial testing, our solutions were able to maintain bps speeds consistentl b ull utilising available bandwidth. ending the same fi le with resulted in rates o less than bps and was prone to peaks and valleys throughout the transfer. Security was also a big concern, and it was crucial that any materials related to this popular show be kept sa e and confi dential. etwork en benefi ted rom the protection offered by our solutions built-in security features, which include encryption in transit and at rest as well as user authentication. uan uintero technolog manager at etwork en commented he speed in getting promo content here was paramount; we needed it straight away, and traditional FTP transfers weren’t cutting it for us.. Several of our content producers use Aspera to deliver content to us so it was the fi rst solution we looked at and the obvious choice or our fi le delivery needs.” In summary, Aspera On Demand unlocks the full capabilities of the cloud by enabling users to move content with speed and security while maintaining the immense scalability and subscription-based model that make the cloud so desirable. In the future, whether it’s for the ne t season o m a elebrit et e ut ere or a di erent show etwork en can depend on Aspera to move their valuable video materials quickly and securely to any place they need to be, whether that’s around the globe or across town. John Wastcoat, VP of business development at Aspera discusses how Network Ten, an Australian commercial broadcasting network, needed to move large content packages over the course of three months for the inaugural Australian spinoff of the television show, I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here! 68 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 105 SEPTEMBER 2015