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NEWS MANAGE & MONITOR Archive ERA has been appointed as the fi rst distributor of TMD’s new archive system Paragon. The media IT technology provider, which has offi ces in both London and Salford, will be responsible for selling, installing and supporting Paragon in the UK. Based on the Linear Tape File System (LTFS) and TMD’s Mediafl ex MAM platform, Paragon is a device- independent digital content store for LTO tapes. “ERA have years of experience in the defi nition and design of complex workfl ows and their focus on strong customer support complements our own Watch the approach to business,” said IBC interview Tony Taylor, managing director of TMD. T&M Video Clarity has introduced the RTM Scheduler, a new tool that allows operators of the company’s real- time monitoring systems to use a single RTM unit to monitor several programmes or channels based on a user-defi ned schedule. “Customers who test channels in a live environment want to be able to switch the test easily from one stream to another in order to automate the process and save time, so we’re giving them the tool that will let them do it,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. “The easier it is to run the tests, the more likely people will be to apply the RTM method. RTM Scheduler makes it very easy to test multiple channels for quality and performance over any length of time by simply setting the start time and duration for each tested channel.” Switching Broadcast Pix showed Roadie, its mobile integrated production switcher, at IBC. Featuring the company’s patented Fluent Control toolset, as well as built-in HD streaming and recording, Roadie is a multi-format product that features up to four SDI/HDMI and two IP inputs, along with eight internal switcher channels (two clip servers and six graphics). Audio is available via balanced or embedded audio that can be mixed with internal clip audio. The system natively supports Avid DNxHD and Apple ProRes formats, which can be imported via multiple connected network folders. Broadcast Pix chief executive Steve Ellis said: “This is a ruggedized portable production solution with all the tools and simplifi ed workfl ow you expect from Broadcast Pix, along with built-in HD streaming and recording and an eight-channel audio mixer to keep clutter to a minimum on location. Its perfect for live productions with limited staff or a single operator.” Signal distribution Cologne OB fi rm RecordLab TV & Media, part of the NEP Group, has outfi tted a new van with Riedel Communications’ MicroN 80G media distribution network device. Designed for use with Riedel’s MediorNet media transport and management technology, MicroN has a compact and high-density signal interface with various audio, video, and data inputs and outputs. RecordLab chief executive Markus Maschke said: “We needed a simple, intuitive and scalable system that facilitates fast plug-and-play use. MediorNet is already being used in the NEP Group. Now we can ensure optimum networking of systems even for larger productions.” The high fl exibility and functions offered by the MicroN device were also key to the purchase decision, he added. “We appreciate the lightweight, compact design of the unit. In the end, following extensive evaluation of possible solutions, we found the Riedel MicroN device to be a sustainable and future-oriented solution well-suited to our mobile operations.” At the same time, Riedel has opened new offi ces in Tokyo and Madrid. 22 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015