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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER Video encoding and streaming Vitec has created a new version of its broadcast-grade IPTV transcoding platform MGW Prism that includes real-time HEVC (H.265) transcoding and a revamped management interface with clustering support. MGW Prism can take any video stream and transcode it to H.264 or HEVC HD/SD streams for delivery to CDNs, remote locations, or other IPTV viewers, using less bandwidth. Features include the ability to generate up to 16 profi les per video source and a combiner for producing adaptive bitrate (ABR) streams using containers such as Apple HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Adobe HTTP Dynamic Streaming (HDS), and MPEG- Watch the DASH without the need to IBC interview offl oad to external servers. Video transport The integration of the DigiLink, Fiberlink, and Scan Do media transport systems was shown publically for the fi rst time at IBC. The move follows Artel’s acquisition in April of Communications Specialties, the fi bre optic transmission technology company. At the show Artel demonstrated how users can design a complete media transport system - from remote site to CO and studio-to-studio - by integrating the DigiLink media transport platform with Fiberlink fi bre transmission products and Scan Do scan converters. “The synergy between products in Artel’s expanded portfolio enables customers to design and build out their contribution video transport systems with IP, J2K, 4K, and other leading edge media transport and processing solutions, all from one vendor,” said Mike Rizzo, president of Artel Video Systems. Contribution video Axon Digital Design has launched TIDE, a multi-codec, multi-format, modular processing platform for the contribution and distribution of live video. Developed for network service providers, news organisations and programme distributors, TIDE can process live broadcast quality signals, perform HD and SD video encoding and decoding (MPEG2 and H264) and provide Conditional Access or BISS scrambling and descrambling and transport stream (re)multiplexing for a wide range of applications, from contribution to channel back-up over satellite, microwave, 3G/4G/5G mobile networks, managed IP networks and the open internet. The TIDE platform features the Reliable Real- time Transport Protocol (R2TP), which manages and improves the bandwidth usage ratio to deliver reliable streaming over the open internet and public networks. Video contribution Aviwest brought to IBC an HEVC 4K video encoder that has been designed to optimise the distribution of 4K content over unmanaged networks. Using the DMNG HE4000 broadcasters can deliver crystal-clear 4K, HD, or SD video content at low bit rates over IP networks, even in volatile network environments. Philippe Gonon, advanced R&D manager at Aviwest, said: “Our new DMNG HE4000 video encoder supports HEVC compression in addition to a unique combination of contribution protocols, ensuring smooth delivery of live video content over unmanaged networks, while keeping Watch the broadcasters’ capital and IBC interview operational costs low.” Playout Pixel Power has unveiled a new platform that it believes offers a new way to approach integrated playout and master control. Incorporating Pixel Powers 3D graphics, StreamMaster provides switching, graphics sequences and DVE moves, and integrates with third-party products and software including automation systems. It runs on standard IT hardware and can operate in the IP environment as part of a virtualised playout operation in a data centre. To allow a hybrid transition to IP, it can also run on dedicated hardware complete with SDI I/O cards. “What we developed in StreamMaster is the fi rst in a really new generation of products, which are designed to make the most of the IP future,” said James Gilbert, chief executive of Pixel Power. “We have taken all our knowledge and our unrivalled graphics capabilities, and we have implemented them in software, in an open, agile and extremely fl exible platform.” 34 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015