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UHD channels Turksat has selected Media Excel’s Hero 4K Ultra HD HEVC encoder to help it deliver Turkey’s fi rst 4K channel. Based in Ankara, the new Turksat 4K Ultra TV Channel will use the encoder, which is deployed by LG Electronics (LGE), to provide 4K pixel density, 50 fps motion fl uency and 10-bit colour depth to viewers. The Hero 4K encoder incorporates Media Excel’s Hero Clone transcoding technology, a symmetric multiprocessing (SMP) encoding framework. “While there are many encoder vendors in the marketplace, we placed our confi dence in Media Excel as its product was clearly 4K-ready,” said Hsamettin Demirel, the director of TV broadcasting at Turksat. NASA will launch a consumer Ultra High Defi nition (UHD) channel in North America. Using a video delivery system from Harmonic, NASA TV UHD will show live and linear 2160p 60fps video content sourced from high-resolution images and video generated on the International Space Station, Hubble Space Telescope and other current NASA missions. Programming will also include re-mastered footage from historical missions. Amongst the various Harmonic products being used is the Electra X3 advanced media processor. The channel is due to go live on 1 November 2015. Harmonic is currently in talking to pay-TV operators about carrying the channel on their satellite, cable and optical networks, for consumer access. Watch the IBC interview Software-defined video Amazon Web Services (AWS) has reached an agreement to acquire Elemental Technologies, the developer of software-defi ned video tools for multiscreen content delivery. The acquisition will bring Elemental’s video expertise closer to the AWS Cloud to give media and entertainment companies further options for delivering content via the internet. Elemental‘s over-the-top TV (OTT) customers include the BBC iPlayer, CNNGo, ESPN ScoreCenter, HBO GO, MSNBC Shift and Sky Go and Sky Now. 4/3” sensor with excellent dynamic range u Integrated 13x LEICA F2.8 lens with ND filters u Macro capabilities and triple lens rings u Dual XLRs, USB3.0 output, 10-bit HDMI & SDI u KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 106 OCTOBER 2015 | 35