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Another tool I use religiously is Evernote (evernote. com). I manage all of my productions and details within Evernote. In fact, I manage most of my life in Evernote. Evernote is like a virtual fi ling cabinet where I have a notebook for each client job, and I store all of the information for that project within it. This is particularly useful in pre-production where sometimes projects can take a while to materialise, and rather than relying on searching for email trails, I simply cut and paste conversations and developments into notebooks in Evernote. The fi nal key resource that I use is Dropbox (dropbox. com). Dropbox is simply cloud-based fi le storage where I can share project assets with clients and stakeholders alike. I use these three cloud-based services predominantly to run most of my productions. Google Drive is free with a Gmail account, Dropbox and Evernote are a subscription-based service and are very affordable. Managing cash during production I mentioned earlier that you should have two budgets, a client budget and a working budget, but I also advise having a cash fl ow management spreadsheet for every production. Now on smaller productions you may not feel this is necessary. We made a fi lm a couple of years ago for Sony and we had a cast and crew of 12, with fi ve vehicles and 12 people to feed for three days. This also included various people during pre-production, production and post, and petty cash was being spent on parking, fuel, travel, subsistence and other incidentals which soon added up. I actually created a daily cash spend spreadsheet on that production and kept a close eye on all the petty cash that was being spent. You would be surprised how quickly it all mounts up: parking, transportation and feeding people. You just need to be keeping an accurate track of where money is being spent, otherwise it can be eating into your own margin. Den has just launched a new business mentoring program for specifi cally helping corporate video producers run more profi table businesses. he’s offering a launch special at the moment check out the details at www.worldsballsiestfi GET OUT OF THE JAM New 5Ghz CW-F25 wireless HD video system outperforms the rest WiFi channels can get so congested they can affect your work arriving at its destination. With IDX’s new licence-free, cableless, HD video system, you’ll always get the best and strongest transmission available on the 5Ghz frequency. The CW-F25 is the first wireless system of its kind to offer Dynamic Frequency Selection (DFS) combined with Beam Forming Tech- nology. It automatically finds you the best channel and maintains directional signal integrity. No other 5Ghz wireless system can deliver greater reliability and it’s cost-effective too. With TX and RX plus features that include talkback, tally and camera control and an Ethernet bridge over the wireless link, the road ahead for you is clear. To arrange a demonstration or to find out more, go to CW-F25 See us at Reliability and safety first