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Tel: +44 (0) 1280 815 027 Email: Sony HDC-3300 HD Slow-Motion Camera Channel Package - USED: 2 x HDC-3300 HD Slo-Mo camera head 2 x HDVF-20A 2in. HD B&W viewfinder 2 x HDCU-3300 HD Slo-Mo camera control unit 2 x RCP-1500 Remote control panel 2 x HDLA-1500 Large lens adapter 2 x HDVF-700A 7in HD Viewfinder for HDLA-1500 2 x VCT-14 Tripod plate adapter 2 x Cable Set for HDLA-1500 and RCP Package Price= £42,000.00 ex Sony HDC-1500R HD Camera Channel Package – USED: 6 x HDC-1500R HD Multi-Format camera 6 x HDVF-20A 2in. HD B&W viewfinder 6 x HDVF-C730W 7in. Studio colour LCD viewfinder 6 x HDCU-1500 HD Camera control unit 6 x RCP-750 Remote control panel incl cable 6 x VCT-14 Tripod plate adapter Package Price= £105,000.00 ex Grass Valley LDK-8000 Worldcam HD Camera Channel Package – USED: 3 x LDK-8000 Worldcam camera head 3 x LDK-5860/ HD Triax adapter 3 x LDK-5302/60 2in Viewfinder 3 x LDK-5305/01 5in. Viewfinder 3 x LDK-4502/01 HD Triax camera control unit 3 x LDK-4640/10 Operation control panel 3 x LDK-5031/XX Base plate Package Price= £38,985.00 ex ALSO AVAILABLE: Sony HDFX-100/HDTX-100 Fibre/ Triax converter kit – USED: Supplied with Fibre tail and flight case Price= £4,995.00 ex each - Fujinon XA72x9.3 lens kit  – USED: Remote kit and flight case only. Supporter not included. Note: Available in two weeks time. My Cost= £19,000 ex - Canon SS-41-IASD – NEW: Price= £1,450 ex each - Sachtler OB-2000 – USED: 2 x Canon SUP-NS3 Lens Supporter – USED: Price= £2,500.00 ex each Package of 2 x OB-2000 legs Note: Both legs require some replacement rubber adhesive pads for the bottom of the feet and one OB-2000 does not include mid-level spreader. Package Price= £1,000 ex - TC Electronic DB MAX – USED: All prices shown/quoted exclude packaging, shipping, insurance, VAT and local taxes Price= £750.00 ex each