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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT “ Two key editing and post technology trends are highlighted in this month’s Kit Plus news: high dynamic range (HDR) in picture and Dolby Atmos in sound. As the months go by we can expect lots of announcements about facilities adding Atmos suites and/or doing HDR camera tests. One is relatively easy to achieve. The other is HDR. The Atmos suite for commercials post at Wave Studios (below) is indicative of these trends while HDR is on the agenda around the world, not least for the OTT streaming service Amazon Prime which is making content available that way. By most accounts HDR takes a considerable amount of extra effort and camera-to-post workflows are still to be defined. As such, various producers and post producers are currently going through tests to make sure it all works. But the exertion will be worth it as it does provide something distinctive for television pictures, as Atmos does for theatres and the home cinema sound. And differentiators are key right now in a highly competitive TV and film marketplace. One drawback with HDR is that not only is it more effort, there are several flavours to choose from: one from the BBC, one from Dolby plus offerings from Philips, Samsung and Technicolor. Key specifications for peak luminance and black levels have not yet been agreed upon so anyone buying an HDR TV set now has no guarantee that it will work with films and programmes shot and mastered that way in the future. We could easily have another format war on our hands so the industry would do well to work together and standardize this quickly. “ For the post guys, who are having to ‘suck it and see’ when it comes to editing, viewing and grading, this would surely be a blessing. Audio post HHB’s Scrub has supplied an Avid S6 M40 to the London-based design and digital production company Prodigious. Sound designer Michael Powell chose the control surface because of its visual feedback capabilities and Display Modules. He said: “The colour coding of the S6 surface and Display Modules gives us a new level of visual feedback that we have found incredibly effective. We chose the M40 with the Display Modules and they have been invaluable in enhancing the speed of editing and mixing with the S6.“ Scrubs technical engineers worked with Prodigious to configure the M40 on site. Audio interfaces The first MDIO-HDX expansion module for Prism Sound’s Titan and Atlas professional multichannel USB audio interfaces was shown at AES in New York. The module allows multiple Titan or Atlas units to be connected directly to an AVID Pro Tools HDX or HD native system via AVID’s Digilink connection. With this setup, Pro Tools users can benefit from the sound quality of the Titan and Atlas A/D and D/A converters, and their on-board microphone preamplifiers. Prism Sound sales and marketing director Graham Boswell said: “We know that our customers have been anxiously waiting for these modules and were very happy indeed to give them the good news.” 12 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015