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Audio plug-ins RTW has updated its Masterclass plug- ins - Mastering Tools and Loudness Tools - to version 3, adding SAWA and TASA cinema loudness standards to their capabilities. Following the update, the software now also features windows and instruments that are freely scalable and support for a 12th octave RTA. Version 3.0 also comes with RTW’s newly developed USB connect software that allows users to feed audio directly out of a DAW application via USB from any channel to a TM3-Primus hardware device. The Masterclass sparks provide RTW meters as standard-format plug- ins for Windows and Mac OS. The updated version was shown at the AES Convention in New York (Avid Pavilion Booth 719) where RTW celebrated 50 years in the audio industry. Commercials post Studio and technical design consultancy White Mark has helped post-production company Wave Studios completely refurbish its facilities in London. As part of the transformation of all floors and suites at the company’s Soho premises, Wave has installed a Dolby Atmos suite, which is already being used to mix cinema Atmos commercials. In the studio Atmos is running through an Exigy sound-system featuring 42 separate speaker cabinets positioned in exactly specified locations around it.”Redesigning the complex has been a major project that has taken nearly three years to come to fruition,” said Wave founder Warren Hamilton. “White Mark has been part of that process from the outset, helping to guide us through various stages of the remodelling that has seen a number of our rooms adjusted to 5.1 surround sound and improvements made to the overall layout of the facility.”  KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015 | 13