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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT Chroma keyer Crystal Vision has developed a new chroma keyer specifi cally for weather and news production and other single static camera applications that use simple backgrounds rather than full virtual sets. The Safi re 3 Xpress is 3Gb/s, HD and SD compatible and features input frame synchronisers and lighting compensation. It works with 31 different video standards (including 1080p) and is said to be easy to control, even for “less-technical operators”, using a web browser and VisionWeb Control. A hardware control panel is also available. Video processing Loudness Cinegy will focus its attention on the new JET Pack when it exhibits at NATEXPO in Moscow later this month. JET Pack is available as an annual subscription and offers: CG and branding; ingest and encoding; monitoring; live production and mixing; and transcoding. It. According to Cinegy: “the JET Pack packages represent a major change in how to get a channel on air for far less than traditional options.” NATEXPO 2015 delegates will also be able to discuss the DANIEL2 codec that is capable of supporting 16K streaming. Nugen Audi o has introduced a new DSP option for its VisLM-H2 visual loudness meter that is designed for users of Avid Pro Tools HDX systems. Using AAX DSP hybrid technology, the VisLM-H2 DSP works within the HDX environment and optimally deploys Avid audio engine resources for the Pro Tools power user. “VisLM-H2 DSP completes our line-up of loudness offerings for HDX workstations,” said Jon Schorah, creative director, Nugen Audio. “With VisLM-H2 DSP, HDX users can handle loudness at their workstations in the fastest and smartest manner and gain maximum benefi t from their HDX systems.” Existing VisLM-H2 users can upgrade to the DSP version for $99. New users will be able to choose between the VisLM-H2 and the VisLM-H2 DSP version (priced $449 and $549 respectively). 4k Post Post-production company Freakworks has re-built its Edinburgh base, turning it into a state-of the art 4k facility. The overhaul took a year to complete and involved replacing everything down to the bays in the master control room and included re-networking an entire building. “What we tried to create was a new, end-to-end 4k environment,” said chief executive and creative director Hamish Allison. “A problem many facilities have is that they are constantly battling the need to upgrade systems incrementally, as new and better hardware becomes available. You very rarely get the chance to start afresh as we did.” The rebuild included the installation of three new editing suites featuring supercharged 12 core Mac Pros with 64GB of RAM and fi ve of Blackmagic’s Teranex Express standards converters as well as a number of its Smart Videohubs. Freakworks does mainly commercials work and recently posted three Ganten Water ads, with the last two fi nished in 4k. 16 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015