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File-based QC Clearcast, the company that pre-clears advertising for the UK’s commercial broadcasters, has added Vidcheck’s Vidchecker quality control software to the technical facilities at its London headquarters. Owned by the largest UK commercial broadcasters, and with others as clients, Clearcast works with advertisers and agencies to help get ads on air and keep them there by ensuring compliance with the UK Code of Broadcast Advertising. Clearcasts chief technology offi cer James Morgan- Yates said: “Having recently migrated to CopyCentral, our new copy clearance system, we have tightened adherence to our fi le specifi cations for digital fi le uploads. VidChecker is now available to our support team and is proving invaluable in diagnosing fi le specifi cation issues when agencies have trouble uploading. Spec adherence has always been a grey area and Clearcast is now able to feed back on issues within minutes.” Systems Integration ATG Danmon UK is claiming an increasing interest in software-centric product virtualisation. “The move from panel-per-product hardware to software-based solutions running on enterprise servers has now become an established fact of systems integration life,” said managing director Russell Peirson-Hagger. “Technology has progressed to the point where multiple devices can be virtualised within a single server.” ATG Danmon offers workfl ow-design, project-planning, equipment installation, software-confi guration, commissioning, documentation, on-site training plus ongoing support and maintenance. Peirson- Hagger added: “In our role as systems integrators, we will include virtualisation whenever it offers clear operational and cost-effi ciency advantages to our customers. The key technical challenge today is to ensure that software from multiple vendors operates effi ciently when combined into a single operating environment, whilst retaining the fl exibility and reliability that broadcasters quite rightly insist on.” Kit Plus 91x133.qxp_Layout 1 06/05/2015 10:11 Page 2 Be proud of your sound Wireless IEM The world's only invisible wireless in-ear receiver wireless sound solutions visit: email: call: 01789 777040 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015 | 25