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Compression Media Links has joined the TICO Alliance, the coalition of companies backing the use of TICO compression within IP-based live production systems. John Dale, director, Media Links, said: “TICO is promoting an approach using lightweight compression that it believes will ease the move to 4k and IP within broadcast production facilities. It looks like [it] could enable some compelling new solutions for managing UHD links within and outside the studio while providing a great balance between performance and cost.” Existing Alliance members include Altera Corporation, Artel Video Systems, Belden Grass Valley, Embrionix, Deltacast, EVS Broadcast Equipment, Image Matters, Imagine Communications, Keisoku Giken, Macnica Americas, Nevion, Ross Video, Tektronix, and Xilinx. Standards At last month’s SMPTE conference in LA, Josef Marc, the co-founder and chief marketing offi cer of Archimedia Technology, presented a paper that challenges current perception of what the words ‘broadcast quality’ actually mean. In his talk he argued that the defi nition is now determined by the viewer and not by the broadcasters (see above). Broadcast quality, he said, which has traditionally been a standard that television engineers have strived to achieve, is being superseded by the choices of consumers in their devices. He said: “Consumers don’t care if it’s right, they care how it makes them feel.” Are you looking for an inexpensive, bookable, Ka band satellite uplink? Europasat NewsSpotter satellite broadband dedicated services for broadcasters could be the answer. Call +44 (0)1869 356 166 Email C477-es-A5-advert-AW.indd 1 21/05/2014 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015 17:18 31