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Quality Control systems. Manual quality control is simply not adequate anymore and it does not scale.” However, this does not mean that the optimum solution is fully automated QC regimes. I believe that broadcasters and facilities would quickly regret installing a fully automated QC system since there are certain media faults and scenarios that are not effi ciently detected and corrected by machines. In certain scenarios it is far easier, more effi cient and less costly to combine human intervention alongside the process automation engine. Furthermore, in some situations a trained operator can perform the required media fi le fi x much more quickly and effi ciently than any machine. The challenge is to create a combined human and automated QC review system, which provides a single integrated user interface for media fi x-up judgment. This will enable a range of different human interventions, including creative, forced and controlled operations. The end result is a fast, effi cient and fl exible fi le-based workfl ow that mixes automated inspection and metadata generation with human judgment where media fi le quality is assured from the fi rst touch to fi nal delivery. Need Help? Call us: +44(0)1932 240 204 | .tv Ingest & Transmission | Graphics & Effects | Editing | DVE & Character Gen | Film and DI | Router / Switcher | Wireless Link | Robotics | MultiViewer Signal Generators | VTR | Web Streaming | Test & Measure | Camera Equipment | Audio Equipment | Signal Processors | Vision Mixers | Monitors Ingest & Transmission Graphics & Effects Editing DVE & Character Gen Film & DI Router / Switcher Robotics Multiviewer Signal Generators VTRs Web Streaming Test & Measurement Camera Equipment Audio Equipment Signal Processing Vision Mixers Monitors Wireless Link KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015 | 49