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just relatively minimal changes to overall workfl ow and hardware, but inevitably some additions to production and distribution equipment. In the case of object based audio, the metadata appropriate for the fi nal codec needs to be created and added to the audio for insertion into a conventional SDI stream, and the engineer needs to be able to monitor this complex mix (and all the potential downmix variations) to ensure that the distribution chain is fed with all available objects correctly. Loudness levels should also be considered in respect of existing standards and there should be provision for local insertion of content at any point in the chain. Although this all sounds somewhat futuristic, the fact is that the broadcast industry is already seriously considering the potential adoption of these concepts. At Jünger Audio we have already worked closely with Fraunhofer IIS to design a prototype Multichannel Monitoring and Authoring unit (MMA) that is capable of directly interfacing with existing mixing consoles via AES, SDI, MADI, Dante or even analog audio formats. At NAB 2015 there was a comprehensive demonstration of a complete object audio based end-to-end broadcast chain including the original outside broadcast capture, distribution via the network operation centre, insertion of local content from an affi liate station and fi nally reception at the end-users home with full control of object selection and audio reproduction via Soundframe. At all stages of the distribution chain, the audio could be monitored to verify metadata parameters, downmix(s) could be auditioned and loudness levels could be checked and corrected if required. Although that particular demonstration was using the MPEG-H codec, it is important to understand that the monitoring and authoring unit is agnostic, or independent, of the fi nal codec used for transmission. Such a device would be easily adaptable to create and monitor metadata for any of the existing or future 3D Immersive formats irrespective of vendor or developer. Introducing new innovative light control products Tiffen MRT (Multi Rotating Tray), Delivers 3 functions in 1 tray: 138mm, Geared Ultra Thin Tiffen Circular Polarizer; Add the unique insert glass for Variable ND and Warm/Cool Fx. Compatible with most leading matteboxes Available now from all Tiffen Filter Stockists and The London Filter Company - 01753 783 960 Visit: for further details Tel: +44(0)1753 783960 | Email: | Website: Tiffen International Ltd, Pinewood Studios, East Side Complex, Pinewood Road, Iver Heath, SL0 0NH, United Kingdom KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015 | 57