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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Filters Tiffen International will be attending and exhibiting at the 23rd Camerimage Cinematography Festival in Bydgoszcz, Poland from November 14th to the 21st. Camerimage is a unique opportunity for Directors of Photography, Cinematographers, Camera Assistants and Students to network, view and learn about the craft, techniques and working practices employed in all the genres of cinematographic expression including feature films, documentaries and music videos. The festival has competitions running in all these fields plus workshops and seminars conducted by leading companies and luminaries. This year the organizers of Camerimage have invited Garrett Brown, the inventor of  Steadicam, to host his ‘Moving Image’ seminar for Steadicam’s 40th anniversary, of which the Tiffen company worldwide are extremely proud, and which they have already been celebrating. Carey Duffy and Eren Ibrahim will be attending from Tiffen’s MPTV filter team and will be exhibiting Tiffen’s new VND products which include the new 138VND designed to be used in a bar mounted Matte Boxes and also Tiffen’s unique MRT (Multi Rota Tray) that provides three different geared filter options; Circular polarizer, VND and Warm / Cool  FX. The 138mm and MRT VND option provides 2 to 8 stops of light reduction. The 138VND has reference markings and comes provided with a 114mm light prevention ring. The MRT has an M8 gear to drive the rotation to produce the VND, Circular polarizer and Warm / Cool FX effect. 8k Ikegami has completed the construction of what it considers to be the world’s first 8k OB production vehicle. Built for NHK, it makes use of Ikegami’s SHK-810, the fourth-generation 8k television camera that was developed in co-operation with NHK, and is capable of handling 22.2 channel surround sound. The manufacturer said that the vehicle “delivers extremely high quality and high reliability in a compact size.” Delivered in September 2015, the truck has been specified for global use, with one eye on the Olympic Games. In Japan, the road map for 8k broadcasting announced by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications specifies that trial broadcast transmissions will be conducted in 2016. Regular 8k broadcast services are planned to for 2018. 08 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 107 NOVEMBER 2015