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DTU-351 HD-SDI input for USB-3 The DTU-351 is an attractively priced USB-3 device for getting HD-SDI signals into a laptop, tablet or PC. The unit is bus-powered, so no power supply is required. Full SDI frames are transferrd so that applications have access to 16 audio channels and all other HANC and VANC packets StreamXpert 2.0 Released Upgrade Now! DTU-245 A brand-new analysis and decoding engine under the hood, but still with the good, old ease of use ASI/SDI in/out for USB-2 DTU-351 All-standard all-band modulator for USB-3 - HEVC decoding and analysis - Modern ribbon-based GUI - Dolby (E-)AC-3 and AC-4 “Modulation has never been so easy and so beautiful.” The DTU-315 is a portable modulator for satellite, terrestrial A good fit for laptop or tablet, but convenient with desktops and server PCs too.” The Barn, Orchard Lea, 71 Harefield Rd, Rickmansworth, Herts, WD3 1ND United Kingdom Website: Email: +44 1923 77 11 00