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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT When visual effects software firms seek out a new chief executive they generally look from within their own ranks or at a competitor. They might even stray as far as approaching a CEO from slightly further up the food chain, such as a post-production or visual effects house. They rarely go for someone from an unrelated section of the same industry. But that is exactly what The Foundry did by appointing the former chief executive of the Shine Group, Alex Mahon, as its new chief executive. A content boss in charge of a software developer! Whatever next? Yet, it makes so much sense. Dr. Alex Mahon, to offer her full title, not only ran Shine for eight years she also worked for Talkback Thames, FremantleMedia Group and the RTL Group. This followed on from her early career as a PhD Physicist. Her background, therefore, is in science and strategy. As such, she is perfect for a growing VFX software firm, even if it might have come a little bit out of left field. She has grown companies. She knows how creative people work. And what she might lack in IT skills right now she more than makes up for with her proven ability to make the most of opportunities, which, currently, means Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Besides, founder Bill Collis, who knows all about IT, plus the extensive team at The Foundry, are all still there. And I suspect someone with a PhD will have no trouble getting a grip on code. It was a big, bold and surprising move by a great British company. But one that looks set to pay dividends. Cloud editing The ability to import Avid AAF files and then auto conform timelines based on that data has been added to latest iteration of Forscene, the cloud editing software developed by Forbidden Technologies. The new feature was requested by, and is currently being tested by, Princess Productions, the Endemol Shine-owned indie. Paul Jones, head of post-production for Princess Productions, said: “The new features 14 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 108 DECEMBER 2015 are currently being put to the test on series 3 of Channel 4’s The Island with Bear Grylls in a workflow that sees complex multivideo and audio track sequences move from Avid to Forscene and back again, which would not have been possible before this release.” Other new Forescene features include support for up to 12 active video tracks and 24 audio tracks on the timeline.