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Ultra 4K Test & Measurement - SD to 12G-SDI Build, test and commission UHD-TV products and infrastructure with complete confidence 4K Video Stream Analysis The Ultra 4K Tool Box offers SDI status display, ANC decoder & watch, gamut checking, Audio PPM monitor, inter-link timing measurement, and real-time video proxy. In-depth pixel/sample analysis is provided by the Data View, Cable View, Hex View and Zoom View displays, offering a complete, automated conformance test suite for UHD equipment manufacturers. 4K Moving Test Pattern Generation Uniquel the Ultra is also able to offer SD to 4K moving test Uniquely, pattern generation and capture (at all standards), active video AND ancillary data (as part of Omnitek’s ‘RVF’ format). The Ultra also provides a 16-channel embedded audio tone generator. Jitter can also be added to the SDI output, and there is slew-rate and voltage control, providing all the tools necessary to test receiver tolerance. Advanced Physical Layer Analysis 12G-SDI Ad The real-time 12G-SDI Physical Layer feature set, the likes of which have hitherto only been seen on high-end oscilloscopes, provides real-time SD to 12G-SDI Eye with automatic rise & fall-time measurement, Jitter meters, Jitter waveform, Jitter histogram and Jitter spectrum analysis. SD to 12G-SDI Gearbox Converter The Ultra supports and converts between many existing and anticipated 4K standards – SD through to 4K60 UHDTV via quad HD & 3G, dual 6G, 12G-SDI and DisplayPort. Square Division and 2-Sample Interleave modes are catered for, and full gear-box conversion is provided between all the I/O. | | +44 (0) 1256 345 900