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€ 1450 Canon » SS-41IASD CONDITION Used ITEM ID 161250 SELLER AVPRO CONTACT +34 626 49 15 30 The Canon SS-41IASD ia a full servo controller kit for IASD and IASE lenses € 6900 Fujinon » HA13x4.5BERM-M58 £ 22000 Canon » Xj72x9.3BIE CONDITION Used SELLER Finepoint ITEM ID 153811 CONTACT 01737 370033 CONDITION Used ITEM ID 169141 SELLER AVPRO CONTACT +34 626 49 15 30 HA13x4.5BERM-M58 - price = 6900 eurosWide HD angle lens cheked by Fujinon Lens with front & rear Supporter with wedge plate and screws, rain cover, zoom control in two parts, focus control with clamp, 2 x zoom/focus cable, CR-30 clamp, allen key for height adjustment, allen key for wedge plate bolts and manual. £ 350 Fujinon » A10x4.8 BEVM- 28-G26 CONDITION Used ITEM ID 168650 SELLER Finepoint CONTACT 01737 370033 SD wide angle lens with extender B4 mount 2/3rd inch mount £ 22000 Fujinon » XA72 x 9.3BESM CONDITION Used SELLER Sentinel ITEM ID 164805 CONTACT 01252 870009 Used Fujinon XA72 x 9.3BESM High definition box lens with supporter and dual remotes (focus and zoom). Supplied in custom made Case Design flight case.This lens has just had a full check and subsequent service by TLS. € 15000 FUJINON » E-Series Prime Lens for 2/3 inch B4 mount cameras CONDITION Used ITEM ID 168615 SELLER Video Brokers CONTACT +33609841386 HAeF8-M T1.5/8mmHAeF12-M T1.5/12mmHAeF16-M T1.5/16mmHAeF20-M T1.5/20mmHAeF34-M T1.5/34mmHAeF40-M T1.5/40mmWith Flightcase £ 2200 Schneider-Kreuznach » 28MM Schneider- Kreuznach ‘Zebra’ Cine-Xenon Lens CONDITION Used SELLER Sentinel ITEM ID 161062 CONTACT 01252 870009 6-ELEMENT DOUBLE GAUSS 35MM CINE LENSES COVERS IMAGE AREA 24.89 mm x 18.37 mm (DIAMETER 30.93MM) - COVERS THE SUPER 35MM DIGITAL IMAGING AREA ON THE SONY F3, F5, F55, F65, ARRI ALEXA CLASSIC , RED EPIC UP TO 4.5K.50 YEAR OLD - VINTAGE 1960S LOOK SWEET SPOT F4 TO F5.6 EDGE DROP OFF SIMILAR TO COOKE