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Cameras Canon will use BVE (Stand L30) to showcase the ME20F-SH, a camera with an extended ISO of four million, as well as its latest range of 4k camera systems, lenses and displays. The EF-mount ME20F-SH demos will show how it can capture high-quality full colour images in extremely low light. Visitors will also be able to see the new UHD DIGISUPER 86 (UJ86xX9.3B) and UHD DIGISUPER 90 (UJ90X9B) studio/field lenses as well as the CJ12ex4.3B and CJ20ex7.8B 4k broadcast lenses. At the same time the EOS C300 Mark II and XC10 cameras will be available in an interactive hands-on display. Lighting The New “SELECT” range from Kino Flo draws on the classic design of the original but with all the advantages of LED technology and more! Firstly as one would expect all the new Kino Flo products come variable Bi colour adjustment and an unparalleled smooth dimming range allowing for fine adjustment – the new features on these lightweight fixtures include both Hue control (a full +/- Green Magenta can be dialled in and recorded at will) and also Lumen Radio is now built into all the new fixtures making them compatible with both Lumen Radio and WDMX systems out of the box. All these features are the result of a lot of research and work, the colour space is set to the latest camera colour requirements. However, one of the most gratifying aspect of these fixtures and a Kino Flo hall mark is the user friendly fixture design – the fact that these lights have been designed and built by film makers is the real difference: The ballast can now be used on or off board with and with the use a header cable (with new metal connectors). The mount has also had an overhaul with a new thrust bearing and extended movement capabilities helping to speed up quick adjustment on set. The new louver system is easy to deploy and now cuts all light leakage, reducing light spill to an impressive 0%. Bluebell_109_strip.pdf 1 11/01/2016 16:32 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 109 JANUARY 2016 | 11