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NEWS MOVE & DELIVER By 2019, according to IHS, more than 50% of homes in the UK (and France and Germany for that matter) will have smart TVs. By the end of 2016, 100% of the people in my house will have one too. But that is another story. In Japan it’s already reached that figure. 4k is one potential driver. “Increasing demand for 4k resolution, the debut of high dynamic range (HDR) for both hardware and content, and access to streaming content that supports these features will accelerate smart TV demand globally,” said Hisakazu Torii, senior director of consumer device research for IHS Technology. IHS also points out that ‘Smart TV’ is an essential feature on TVs sold in China, because many Chinese consumers seek out online content services. I don’t think it would take Miss Marple to work out that this is the reason that many people in the UK buy one. If nothing else, it means you can watch Amazon Prime and Netflix etc on the ‘big telly’ along with the rest of the family. But, any number of ancillary TV streaming devices will do too. And here’s the real quandary: you probably only replace your TV once every five years. Within that time, there is a good chance that your TV will fall behind (thanks to Moore’s Law) and that additional services and features will appear on newer sets that won’t be backwards compatible with yours. Despite this, another survey suggests that Smart TVs have been voted the most popular way of accessing streamed programming. The Diffusion Group (TDG) released figures saying that 32% of OTT TV users prefer the ease of connecting to a smart TV. So, do you want to be up-to-date? Or do you want an easy life? There’s your choice. I know what many viewers will pick. Maybe Smart TV aren’t such a dumb idea afterall. Automation Pixel Power (Stand G44) will exhibit at BVE with two products that have been built on its Clarity 3D graphics core and are aimed at automated content production and high-performance channel playout. Pixel Factory automatically generates all versions of a promo, trailer or piece of marketing content using templates, information entered by the commissioning producer, and delivers them into an asset management system ready for transmission. StreamMaster also builds on the Clarity 3D graphics engine, this time to create a playout platform for complex channels. The modular software can run on dedicated hardware or virtualised in a data centre or in the cloud. 32 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY 2016