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lenses have a cylindrical element to squeeze the picture horizontally, to be expanded back out on projection. They suffered from a horizontal lens flare on highlights, a signature effect of Wes Anderson. The bokeh are elliptical rather than the circular as with a conventional lens. 4k may be here to stay, but it is a little too sharp for some genres. In the quest to mimic the look of some of the classic movies, DoPs are mounting vintage lenses on the latest digital cameras. Since 1982, when ARRI announced the PL mount, most lenses were supplied with that mount, so they can be fitted easily to a modern digital camera. Older lenses just require an adaptor, easy to buy from specialist film engineering workshops. Why not fix it in post? So many distortions and filters can be added in the edit. The aberrations of vintage lenses is subtle. Some of the sought- after looks stem from the veiling glare in older lenses, which reduces contrast and shadow detail. Each lens has its own way of reproducing out-of-focus highlights: the bokeh. Another aberration is found in anamorphics. These In the quest for these many aberrations DoPs are using older optics to get a period look. Favourites are many of the classic Cooke lenses, the Speed Pancros, S2/S3, and S4i sets. Bausch & Lomb Super Baltars are another popular vintage lens, they were used on The Birds and The Godfather. Many budding DoPs may not realise that Canon made a line of cine lenses back in the 1970s, the K-35, winning an Academy award for the design. Available in focal lengths from 14 to 200mm they remain sought after today. They were notably used on Aliens (1986). In 2015 Azule Finance brokered a £36,000 deal that saw these very lenses bought for use on future digital projects. It’s not just DoPs looking at these old lenses either. Budding DSLR users may find new lenses too expensive, but the demand is pushing up the price of the older classics. They were built to last, and built to be serviced so they are still very much usable today. Virtual Studios and Real-time 3D Graphics Systems, Services and Hire Green Screen Studio available for hire at Elstree Film Studios 6.7mtrs x 5.5 mtrs CG Production Services Design, Build, Data Acquisition, Control and Operate Services Technical Consultancy System Design Initial Planning Project Management Installation Services Training Emergency Maintenance Support Contracts Solutions Virtual Studios Augmented Reality News & Sports Elections Branding Finance Weather Entertainment Product Areas Real Time 3D Systems (Software & Hardware) Camera Systems Camera Robotics Lighting Blue & Green Screen Backdrops Compositing Devices Motion Capture Camera Tracking Storm Broadcast Ltd Elstree Film Studios Shenley Road, Borehamwood, Hertfordshire WD6 1JG T +44 (0)845 500 66 44 STORM AD DEC 2015 1 21/12/15 11:42:21 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 110 FEBRUARY 2016 | 51