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UHDTV1/4K & UHDTV2/8K HDTV2/8K Q x UHDTV UHDTV2 OPTION UHDTV1 OPTION STANDARD UHDTV1/4K If you're in the market for UHDTV1/ UHDTV2 and 12G eye for manufacturing - talk to us first PHABRIX TAG the PHABRIX SxE SFP New low cost Generator/Analyzer/Monitor • HD/SD-SDI I/O • Dual port optical SFP (replaceable cage) • PAL/NTSC input with AES EYE view • Reference I/O with Reference waveform view • AES I/O, stereo balanced audio I/O • Generator SDI/PAL/NTSC option • 3G option • Ethernet remote control • Dolby E/D/D plus option • New EDID HDMI data view option* optical, HDMI, copper SFP (not included) The Award winning Qx UHDTV1 4K and UHDTV2 8K See us at NAB N4219 (optional AES and balanced audio break out cable) Over 5000 world-wide • Combined Generator/Analyzer/Monitor • 3G-SDI/HD-SDI/SD-SDI • Physical layer Eye and Jitter • AES I/O • Ethernet Remote control • Dolby E/D/D plus option re ‛ s s o m u c h i n i t d audio T&M video an Check out our latest innovation for rack mount test and measurement - the Rx series • 20 simultaneous instruments displayed all at once • Audio and video toolsets combined • HD-SDI/SD-SDI -3G-SDI option • 3 versatile chassis with 2 or 4 module slots • Up to 8 inputs, 4 channels simultaneously • Closed caption, loudness, eye pattern*, frame capture *option • Dual Dolby decode option Phabrix® Limited See us at NAB N4219 Omega House, Enterprise Way, Thatcham, Berkshire RG19 4AE UK tel + 44 (0)1635 873030 email: TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 49 V9.04 Made in the UK 11/03/2016 17:17