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4. UX (USER EXPERIENCE) We’re experts at building ‘microsites’, which are completely branded for you and feature your own content. Within a microsite, we can add features to improve the experience. In the corporate sector, this could be slides, polls and chat features, for example. For sports, this could include match data. Most of all, do not overlook mobile support. It is an absolute priority for any livestream. You should choose a solution based on a HTML5 player, with HLS (HTTP Live Streaming), rather than a Flash and RTMP solution. Flash is not supported by iOS or Android. It requires your desktop users to install extra software, which can slow down the performance of your video too. 5. REPORT AND ANALYSE ON THE LIVESTREAM IN REAL TIME You’ll want to track the health of the stream at all times. With Media Platform, you can get real time analytics and reporting on the stream. This helps you identify opportunities to improve the service on the fly. And it shows you where your audience are watching from. You can link up this data to your existing analytics platforms, including Google Analytics and comScore. TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 55 Are you ready for livestreaming? Producing a livestream is no easy feat. At StreamAMG, we’ve been developing solutions for streaming live video online for 15 years. Our team have produced 1,000s of live events online, from locations as diverse as diverse as the London Stock Exchange, the Vatican and Everest Base Camp. We’re also one of the few companies in the UK accredited in ISO 9001 for webcasting and associated services. If you’d like to take the hassle out of livestreaming, then contact us today at for a free consultation and trial of our services. About StreamAMG StreamAMG (Advanced Media Group) provides European companies with online video solutions. By aligning our solutions to your objectives, and pricing accordingly, we can help you increase the ROI into online video. Our experts deal with everything, including video production, signal acquisition, project management, webcasting and equipment. They use our award winning online video platform and webcasting applications, which are connected to a global CDN. 11/03/2016 17:17