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CONNECTED BUILDING A 24-CAM HD OB VAN The Lithuanian OB van specialist TVC was tasked with project design, coach building, construction and integration of a new High-Definition OB van with expandable side panelling. The new OB van is built on the semi-trailer with a 3 axle chassis. The truck has five separate workspaces: sound room with separate rack room, video control room and slow motion area, engineering area and VTR. The construction includes dual expandable side: the first panel extends over the entire length of the vehicle and enables to expand the space by around 1.3m; and the 0.8m length TVlogic monitor wall. The GDS TV OB truck is designed for a total of 24 Ikegami HDK- 79GX cameras. GDS TV IN GEORGIA CONTRACTED TVC TO BUILD A 24 CAMERA HIGH DEFINITION OB VAN THAT WOULD BE USED FOR THE SUMMER CONCERT HALL EVENTS IN UREKI ARENA AS WELL AS FOR AN OUTSIDE BROADCASTING THROUGHOUT THE YEAR. The trailer has an automatic level control and hydraulically controlled expandable panel. It also includes TVC designed (and custom built) motorized cable drums, redundant air-conditioning systems of 32 kW designed for extreme Caucasus climate, two double power feeds and UPS for 15-minute operation. This new HD OB van truck was designed with the maximum flexibility in mind so the exceptional attention has been paid to the ergonomics of the individual operating spaces, the simplicity of the maintenance and ease of access to the equipment. Vehicle crew seat capacity is 22 persons. The main vehicle is accompanied by the auxiliary van that in the cargo area carries cameras, lenses, tripods TV cranes, and in the generator truck area – a Fisher Panda 70kVA generator. Also, as for the customer request, the comfortable crew rest area was designed inside the van. The OB van is powered by Ross video Production Center Switcher Acuity 3 ME and the second program switcher Carbonite 1ME, Imagine Communications Platinum 256 router, Grass Valley Slow Motion and multi viewers. A Lawo mc²56 MK II audio system allows multiple surround mixes with capability of producing a variety of signals. “One of the main challenges was to meet high and ambitious expectations of GDS TV with a great vision for the future on schedule and budget” – says project and region manager Edmundas Stumbrys. GDS TV High Definition OB van was first operated in the middle of October during the singing show “Keep your light shining Georgia”. 64 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 64 11/03/2016 17:18