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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE Timecode CCUs Bluebell Opticom will use Cabsat to showcase the Caddie-LB 4k, a pair of throw-down boxes that connects the latest 4k cameras to camera control units (CCU) over long distances using fibre. The device is said to save on rigging time and reduce complexity for remote camera crews working from an OB truck or a live-event venue such as a concert hall, and allows crews to position the camera further from the CCU and remote panel. Specifically designed for OB and deployable applications, the Caddie-LB 4k provides a single-cable link between cameras and ENG/OB units. Features include four 3G/HD/SD-SDI video paths from the camera’s on-air audio, intercom, and control data. Also on show will be the TDM-750 HD-SDI module with Ethernet fibre interface and the BC364 wavelength management system with remote monitoring. Tally Technologies has added TimeSync to the TallyTec Pro system, allowing users to synchronise multiple cameras and external recorders, either wirelessly or wired, with timecode generated from the TallyTec Base Transmitter. TimeSync is said to be a huge time-saver for anyone involved with multi- camera recordings, from DSLRs and camcorders to high-end broadcast cameras. A TallyTec Pro Receiver can be attached to any external field recorders that features a timecode input. The TallyTec Pro system was on show on the Global Distribution stand at BVE. Remote production Camera-back transmitters Domo Tactical Communications (formally Cobham TCS) will introduce the SOLO7-OBTx camera-back transmitter to the North American market at NAB 2016 (Booth C8739). The devices features: 1080p60 and 4:2:2 compression; integrated camera control; swappable RF modules; and H.264/MPEG-4 video encoding. Latency ranges from 1s to 10ms along with ultra-low power consumption for extended field performance. Also new to NAB is the SOLO8 SDR (software-defined radio) a dual input HDSDI, COFDM, and IP mesh transmitter that includes integral video analytics, recording, and IP streaming. The SOLO8 can be implemented via PC software or as an embedded system. At NAB (Booth SU4721), Media Links will unveil a series of new products for remote production that the company hopes will eliminate the boundaries that occur between LANs inside a typical broadcast facility and external wide area content distribution networks (WANs). These include the CoolFire IP Gateway, which enables current and emerging broadcast formats (3G/HD/SD-SDI, 4k, 8K) to be encoded into an IP data stream using ultra low latency compression, and the NetGazer Network Management System. The latter is a software platform that monitors and manages network environments and their associated elements while concealing the complexities of the underlying details. Also on show will be the MDX 4090 - COTS-based IP video router and the MDP 3010 - IP to J2K decoder. “Our vision is to leverage our 20+ years of video-over-IP experience to break down the barriers that separate external transport networks and in studio or broadcast centre routing and distribution,” said Tom Canavan, president of Media Links. 8 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 111 MARCH 2016 TV-BAY111MARCH_Book.indb 8 11/03/2016 17:16