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EXTREME SHOOTING THE EXTREME Mel Noonan STEFFAN HEWITT & EXTREME with input from Steffan Hewitt & John Gillan me sports as a Steffan Hewitt started covering extre rs to ski backwards while shooting skie cameraman and learnt design , and went on to in front of him. Surprisingly he survived with an early SD minicam slung at and use a lightweight pole and tilt head from the other the top operated via a remote pan end. He called it Polecam. started to hand-build Others saw it and wanted one, so he the latest Polecam today with and sell them. You can buy ered globally. Steffan more than 600 having now been deliv of ways to apply new technology has never stopped thinking he still takes every to make Polecam even better, and shoot with it, whether it be up a opportunity to go out and ic, or in an operating mountain, on a small boat in the Arct surgeon is doing to the big theatre conveying what the other time he’ll be back screens in the lecture theatre. Any new ideas. at base planning and trying rned to Kitzbuhel for the In February he was in Austria: “I retu LMC Ultra Motion Crew. There World Cup Skiing as part of the of the infamous ‘Streiff’, were 3 Polecams, one on the start at the even more infamous one at the Mousefahller, and one tion, with crampons Hausbergkanter. That was my loca locked down with ice pins. and a harness and everything and less than 1m away Skiers shooting past me at 85kmh, boom around slightly difficult sometimes made throwing the the Antelope PICO on the 65 degree slope. Polecam and 350fps and instant replay) camera on my rig (full HD with conditions from -12 to performed amazingly in the extreme hes, all requiring airlifts off the +5 degrees. After 3 major cras tough mountain mountain the race was stopped. A for everyone!” AUTOPOD – EXTREMELY NEW Photos courtesy of Red Bull Media House uct, Autopod, a remotely Steffan has just launched a new prod elevation unit for use with operated programmable telescopic , and more. It can be rigs, cranes, remote heads, cameras e, in a studio, behind used as a standalone system on stag ote location to provide a goal, in a conference venue, or rem our has it that four an unobtrusive camera position. Rum tour. Info on the Polecam Autopods will be used on the Adele website: 50 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016