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JOHN GILLAN & EXTREME early me, but does now. He recognised John Gillan didn’t start shooting extre n to the next level and was an uctio on how Polecam could elevate a prod Polecam on all types of He’s built a successful career using early adopter. masterful camera moves on the those programming. If you’ve ever watched come from John and his Flower Show gardens, it may well have Royal Chelsea Polecam. His skill is amazing. h is extreme in itself, but he’s been He now owns three Polecams, whic Rover, where companies like Jaguar-Land covering the big car shows globally adds class to the press Polecam Ford and Honda have discovered that rigs for another show is just off to New York with his three presentations. He ed operators for the others. ide experienc where he will operate one and prov s e leaps forward in the last few year John says: “Polecam has made hug of the game and all the to keep ahead because Steffan has been pushing al stabiliser on my up the recent option of using a gimb new technology. I took HD minicam and Fujinon s me to use an rig- I use the Ronin M, and that allow unimaginable just a few on my rig – that’s a big heavy lens, x17 HD zoom lens but also adding a live zoom and weight, years ago, not just regarding the size moves.” capability to Polecam do a t job with their zoom demand. They “The Polecam team has done a grea and is designed around it. the zoom dem few electronic tweaks to the lens, and I think it’s brilliant.” ia, in his extreme shoots for Red Bull Med The gimbal has helped enormously ts they hold around for cliff diving even helping to provide broadcast coverage or sometimes tioned way up at the same height, the world. He is usually posi even higher than the dive platform. was on an island in Possum Kingdom “One of the summer events last year e was a small boat and after unloading ther Lake, Texas. I travelled across in a infested with degree heat. The island was 100ft climb on a rugged trail in 100 ntial.” a keen eye on the ground was esse tarantulas and rattle snakes so if it’s windy, and it usually is. I keep “It can be daunting at first especially not forgetting the cases and bags as a harness on and tie the gear down, Scout been useful to learn a few essential they could blow over the edge. It’s rope knots!” ult as Opera House in Denmark was diffic “Setting up on the huge roof of the surface gusting with strong winds and the it was lashing down with sleet and edge.” working only about 6 feet from the was slippery corrugated metal. I was s, getting my rig in the other camera shot “I try to get the moves I want without ger e that really shows the height and dan and I concentrate on getting a mov be done with Polecam.” from the platform, a shot that can only I do. years ago and operating them is all “I bought my first Polecam nearly 20 s to want, and think of the clients seem I have developed my own style that , a bit like I’m a bird or extension of my own arms and eyes Polecam as an shots that other cameras can’t. getting even a fly buzzing around a subject in the future with the new is set to become even more popular I think Polecam market that will perfectly suit this on the much smaller (and cheaper) cameras lightweight jib.” Vegas, USA on the Antelope Camera POLECAM will be at NAB Expo in Las Systems booth #C11133. POLECAM.COM T.TV JGBROADCAS KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 112 APRIL 2016 | 51