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£ POA Avid » Avid Isis 7000 CONDITION Used SELLER Thameside Broadcast ITEM ID 170837 CONTACT 01932 240305 AVID ISIS 7000 32TB Consisting of 16TB Primary engine & 16TB Secondary engineSystem director 2x SR2400 Software Version 331 Licensed Clients Offered in full working condition, used in a controlled air conditioned environment £ 1900 AVID » Media Composer 2.x + Adrenaline complete system AV Production CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock ITEM ID 139315 CONTACT 02088821111 Avid Composer 2.x + Adrenaline + HP XW8200 Professional Workstation In good condition, and in full working order Complete System All this equipment is included Avid Media Composer 2.x with dongle Includes Product: Media Composer Model: Media Composer Version: 2.6 Additional Options: Interplay Transfer Interplay Workflow Engine Marquee Title Tool OMM Options Avid £ POA £ 2850.00 EVS » XT3-HS-6U-866 Pixel Power » H105 Clarity CONDITION Used SELLER Finepoint Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock ITEM ID 157310 CONTACT 01737 370033 ITEM ID 154021 CONTACT 02088821111 EVS XT3 HD/SD 8 channel 6 x 300GB SAS DrivesMultiview/Avid DNxHD/Apple Prores422/Proxy codec/DVCPro HD/DVCPro 50/Mjpeg/IMX/Mpeg 2 intra/AVC Intra/LSM Hypermotion/1080P Dual Link/1080P 3G/3D Dual Link/ 3D 3G/ X REC/Mix on one channel/ Server open config/LSM base open config/ LSM base 123456 play / Super Motion / Advanced playlist/Split Screen/SDTI £ 23750 Mistika Real time HD Video Production Editing syst » Mistika Real time HD Video Production Pixel Power H105 Clarity PAL SD Processor Graphics System TV Video Editing EquipmentBroadcasting Graphics SolutionsModel: H105In good condition and full working condition Included:1 x Pixel Power H105 Clarity PAL SD/HD Processor Graphics System1 x Dongle (Attached in machine)Product Details: Processor: 2 x Intel Xeon Processor 3.00D GHz, € 3750 SACHTLER » VIDEO 18S1 CF CONDITION Used SELLER ITinStock CONDITION Used SELLER Broadcast Brokers ITEM ID 134524 CONTACT 02088821111 ITEM ID 172356 CONTACT +33 1 46 05 66 13 Mistika Real time video HD Editing suit Complete set up Includes1 in stock 1 x HP XW8200 Workstaion Rack mount chassis with:- v2.5rc10 1 x DVD r/w Drive 1 x Quad-ROFX4500 Graphics card 2 X 160GB Hard drives 2 x 1 GB Ram 1 x QLA2342 Dual Port 2GB PS Dual channel fibre card DVS SD:64bit PCI-X Oem board for uncompressed YUV - 4:2:2 HDTV I/O for fully checked - 3 months warranty