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MONITORS, OB £ 2500 £ 60000 TV LOGIC » TDM 150 OLED MONITOR Mercedes » Long Wheelbase Sprinter CONDITION ex-demo SELLER Thameside Broadcast CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision LTD ITEM ID 162659 CONTACT 01932 240305 ITEM ID 170903 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Compatible with varied SDI signalsTDM-150W is compatible with varied SDI signals - 480i, 576i, 720p, 1080i, 1080p and 1080psf.SDI (SD,HD,3G)/HDMI (HDCP) 2 Channel Input 3D (Dual Stream) SupportTDM-150W supports 2 channel (Left/Right) SDI and HDMI inputs.SDI (SD,HD,3G)/HDMI (wHDCP) 1 Channel Input 3D (Single Stream) SupportTDM-150W supports € POA With Tanberg HD MPEG4 Encoders x 1 x 180w outdoor HPA. NewSwift 1.8m Antenna. On Board Generator. Roof Mount aircon. Right Hand Drive 2008 model. Please ask for full spec sheet. £ 45000 ... » OB VAN (used_2) Mercedes » Spriter HD DSNG CONDITION Used SELLER VIDEOLINEA CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision LTD ITEM ID 172358 CONTACT +39-055691371 ITEM ID 170904 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 5 full HD cameras OB Van with uplink - Mercedes Vario 818CDI Engine - EURO 5 - Year 2012 and used for demonstration only - Approx. 50 km only Left Hand Drive ( Steering on Left facing forward ) With Swedish 1.5m Antenna. 2 x MCL 300w HPA. 2 x Tanberg HD MPEG 4 Encoders. On Board Generator. 2003 model . Please us for full spec sheet £ 75000 Aluminium Body Corp USA » Expanding Side Trailer CONDITION Used ITEM ID 169932 SELLER Onvision LTD CONTACT 0208 763 4198 3 main areas - Sound - Production - Vision/ VT/Engineering. The body was built in 1995 by the Aluminum Body Corp. of Montebello, California and spent most of its life in Atlanta, Georgia. It was imported into the UK in November 2009 and modified by Hind and Bendells of Carlisle to make it legal for use in Europe. This involved £ 225000 Mercedes » 816D £ 235000 CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision LTD ITEM ID 161203 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Compact HD 6 Camera unit. This unit was completely refurbished aprox 14 months ago with new interior desks/racks/carpets etc plus 3 new roof mount A/C units and body re-paint. Layout - 3 areas- Production has 2 desks with 7 seating positions, Engineering/Vision has 2 seating positions and 1 position for sound at front of vehicle.Kayak HD100 HD Vision mixer 1.5 ME and £ 40000 CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision LTD ITEM ID 163501 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Compact but powerful 12 Camera HD unit. Three production areas - Main Production with 4 seating positions. Sound at front of vehicle- 1 seating position. Engineering / Vision at rear with 3 engineering positions. This unit was upgraded to full 1080 HD last year. There are 12 fibre camera connections on the rear tailboard. 2006 model right hand drive UK spec Euro 4 - 72,000 Mercedes » Vario 813D Mercedes » Vario 818D CONDITION Used SELLER Onvision LTD ITEM ID 165855 CONTACT 0208 763 4198 Mercedes Vario designed for 4 - 6 cameras. Built by FAL Systems UK to a very high standard. This unit was in built for a contract that did not happen so it has had very little use - only 20,250km on clock, great prospect to upgrade to HD and retain the analogue sound system . 3 Production Areas - Sound in cab area - Production in center and Vision /VTR at rear. Unusual