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WHAT STOOD OUT AT NAB? A colleague asked me on returning from NAB this year what were the main themes and what stood out. I mused for a moment and for me personally it appeared to be HDR. ‘High Dynamic Range’, I said. What I didn’t say was how much fun it was putting on the goggles in the VR section of NAB and flying through clouds – must be my age! My awareness of HDR began when I watched the demonstration on the Atomos stand drawn to it by the video and banners around NAB, was then amazed at HDR on the Dolby stand, looked at a myriad of monitors in support of HDR and suddenly I was aware it was everywhere. Escaping from the PHABRIX stand on the last day I sat and watched a demonstration on the Canon booth of SDR versus HDR, very informative and then the killer blow – there is no accepted standard as yet. Paul Nicholls idx_113_half.pdf 1 05/05/2016 16:40 Which ‘flavour’ of HDR is a bit like which standard for UHDTV. Knowing that there are 1380 different standards for UHDTV not including IP formats made me realise how important our standards organisation like SMPTE and EBU have become. Being able to focus on ‘a standard’ will certainly help the industry however you couldn’t fail to notice that there was a territory war going on certainly for which IP ‘flavour’ was going to be the norm- be it ASPEN, TICO and the UHDTV Alliance – sounds like a plot from Star Wars. Certainly NAB has grown up a lot in the quality of business information you can obtain from the meetings and events organised around the event. I was struck by how well the IABM had upped its game in presenting ‘The state of the industry’. What are cold statistics, sometimes sobering, were delivered in a very fluid style both graphically and by the presenter Peter White. Equally informative was the Devoncroft session, both of which I had something to commercially measure against and I have made it a ‘must attend’ part of my NAB experience. C M Y CM MY CY CMY K Which one fits you? Reliability and safety first For more details contact: IDX Technology 01753 547692 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 | 11