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INTERFACES LYNX Technik has improved its Testor Lite handheld test signal generator with the addition of a genlock input and independent text overlay for each output. On show at NAB, Testor Lite is a multi-standard (SD/HD/3G 4:2:2, dual link), compact, portable, battery-powered test signal generator that can be used by broadcasters, field engineers, and post production facilities to trouble-shoot and monitor video and audio signals. The new features mean that the SYNC BNC connector can now be configured to either work as a sync output or reference input. When configured as a reference input, the Testor Lite can be locked to an external video reference signal. The genlock input also includes cross lock capability. The second new feature allows the user to create separate text-overlays for each output. STORAGE Suitcase TV used NAB to showcase a stand-alone version of its storage platform MediaStor. Demonstrated for the first time in the US, MediaStor aggregates multiple storage servers into a single unified structure and includes optional HSM functionality to enable a range of storage levels from ultra-fast SSD-based RAID down to LTO data tape. Designed specifically for broadcast media operations, the product provides tracking and auditing of file histories as well as powerful metadata handling capabilities to empower even the most complex of broadcast workflows. MediaStor also now includes support for archiving to spinning disk using new SMR disk technology combined with MAID architectures. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 | 23