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The 4/3” sensor and fixed lens gave superb results and in the interview situation, with good lighting, the Bokeh effects lift the overall production quality. The viewfinder slides easily in and out with the normal peaking, zebra and focus assist controls you’d expect – all of which we used to some extent but as we were also testing the PIX-E5 the VF was mostly slid away. BOTTOM LINE: There is so much more to say about the AG-DVX200 but for now our results speak for themselves and together with fast and easy operation and great picture it more than did the job! POWER The user buttons on the side are easy to configure with multiple options, in general the menu itself is intuitive and straight forward to navigate. We have very little time for setting up the interview (15 minutes allocated to each one including walking time!) so little things are crucial to us to make the difference and having easy access to audio controls and white balance plus the manual zoom enabling us to crash in and focus and pull out again sped things up. When you’ve got your interviewee for only 60 seconds before he is dragged to another press conference then you have to work quickly! We’ve covered the camera power but we also had other needs such as our on-camera light and field recorder to power. Both these have their own battery slots but it’s far easier in recharging management to just stick a juicy V-mount on the back and take the D-tap outputs to feed them. We’ve been using IDX for a few shows now and in particular the Endura Cue 91Wh. IDX do offer a range of batteries with piggy back capability so when you’re getting low mid interview you just slot another one on and this would have been nice but that said the battery level lights are accurate and with careful planning it wasn’t an issue getting through no more than two batteries per day. A small issue was iris control where in some situations it seemed to have a lag where you stop turning it but it carried on past your desired level. Pretty minor, easy to rectify but worthy of mention and no doubt fixed in a software update. The charger fan made hotel bedroom charging a consideration but in my case it was competing with the fridge, aircon, service lift and the couple next door so a bit of extra fan noise was no real problem! For camera power, although we had D-Tap available, we used the IDX SL-VBD96 internal battery with its 9600mAh/ 70Wh capacity, using only one full and half another battery per day. In our past experience this is more efficient then using the D-Tap power which is also powering the lights and on board field recorder. BOTTOM LINE: Not once did we run out of power and only having to carry around 2 Vmount batteries is better than having to carry 4. There is also a new charger available now which is fan-less so worth a look if you are planning on hotel room recharging as many of us have to do after a days shooting. KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016 | 65