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REVIEW CONTINUED A MARATHON FILMING REVIEW LIGHTING For many shows we have used, and been pleased with, the Minima 300 light and had to tear ourselves away from it this time to try something new! Enter the Dedo Ledzilla bi-colour LED. These are simply wonderful lights. They can dim, have spot to flood control, adjustable colour temperature and power with either a NP-F battery or D-tap. As a note although we used D-tap we did test battery life when using a NP-F battery and it was literally hours – in fact a full day of interviews for us with still no signs of needing a recharge! The lights have barn doors that also swivel should you want any backdrop lighting effects or more control in general. AUDIO We’re lucky enough to get to try some great new kit and this time we fitted the Video Devices PIX-E5 to the rig. This is the SDI and HDMI version so good for recording either 4k via the HDMI or 1080p via the SDI in our case with power coming from the IDX via D-tap and a useful voltage level (in actual volts) being shown on the display. The PIX-E5 records to a ‘speed drive’ so called as it has a USB connector attached and you can simply insert into your Mac or laptop and start editing. We were using 128Gb solid state ‘speed drives’ and only once after we had been recording a 4k panel The picture quality on the 5” screen is excellent with touch screen as well as ‘proper’ buttons. Boot up time from power on is around 20 seconds and there are lots of functions built in aside the expected peaking and zebras. The one touch zoom is nice although we didn’t really use it with this particular camera. BOTTOM LINE: For fast turnaround and a plethora of record formats then the PIX-E5 was great to use and performed faultlessly with a solid build giving that added reassurance you want. BOTTOM LINE: great quality of light and highly flexible. 26 miles on the front of the camera show mount and still secure. I love these lights. RECORDING & MONITORING show did we need to switch drives. As soon as I did this I became aware that I needed to be careful I didn’t damage the USB connector as it doesn’t withdraw into the ‘speed drive’, nor does it have a cover – just a minor worry that is outweighed by not needing a caddy and the ease of use. We always carry a wired hand mic with us ‘just in case’ but prefer using wireless where possible simply to give more options of where the camera can be placed for the interview and reducing trip hazards and lawsuits. The Sennheiser AVX system once again solved the problem with its automatic frequency hunting and ability to retune in 13ms to another frequency. It really does just work, audio simplicity which is what we need. BOTTOM LINE: With lighting and framing you can be artistic but with audio you just want good audio, have a listen to the results and decide for yourself! TO WATCH OUR KIT OVERVIEW THEN SCAN THIS CODE SEE ALL THE INTERVIEWS CHECK OUT OUR NAB PLAYLIST 66 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 113 MAY 2016