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NEWS CAPTURE & PRODUCE REPLAY Datavideo’s RMC-400 controller works in conjunction with the HDR-10 instant replay recorder to add instant replay to any sports production. The ergonomic RMC-400 interface can control up to four HDR-10 highlight replay units, allowing producers to have instant replay with slow motion and up to four different camera angles. Press one button to mark the in point to create a highlight clip, then press one button to replay. The operator can use the T-bar to control the speed for a true professional hardware operation. Since users can connect multiple HDR-10s to the RMC-400, crews can start off with 1-2 cameras and expand to 4 cameras for bigger productions. Jon Hubery, brand manager with Holdan commented: “Multi-camera instant replay is vital component for sports productions. But it’s been out of reach for most producers, with most systems running into the tens of thousands of pounds. Datavideo’s solution is a godsend for professional sports and training analysis and will be welcomed by clubs around the country that do not have Premier League budgets or resources.” RECORDER-MONITORS LIGHTING Jason Lanier is probably one of most popular photographers around at the moment and he was at Pinewood recently for several workshops and live demonstrations showing how to create the perfect shot using the latest range of LED lighting systems from Rotolight. Of particular note at the workshops was the new Rotolight Anova Pro with four unique innovations; CineSFX, Flash Sync, True Aperture Dimming and Designer Fade. Seeing Jason using the Flash Sync during the workshop (and the tunable colour) was impressive and priced from £999 certainly worth checking out. Jason summed it up when one delegate asked what light he would not be without and the reply being “if I was allowed only one light then it would be the Anova Pro”, praise indeed! 10 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 Video Devices, a division of Sound Devices, has announced the availability of a free firmware version 3.0 upgrade for its PIX-E series of 4K-compatible recording monitors. The upgrade allows users to simultaneously record a high-quality, edit-ready Apple ProRes .mov file for mastering and a much smaller H.264 .mp4 file for content review, shot-listing or web-streaming. With the addition of H.264, an applied LUT is baked into the H.264 .mp4 file and saved via an SD card. The master ProRes 4K file is saved to the Video Devices’ SpeedDrive without an applied LUT. This is intended for users who want to simultaneously record a full dynamic range, log-encoded ProRes master file for the edit suite and a REC709 H.264 file suitable for client viewing. While recording 4K in ProRes, the PIX-E will automatically scale the 4K to 1080p for recording H.264, thereby reducing its file size even further. Both recordings also include up to eight channels of audio with ProRes and two channels with H.264.