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NEWS MANIPULATE & EDIT ANALYSIS As a fan of solving riddles, there is nothing that gets my juices flowing quite like a press release that references “US technology giants” and “major UK broadcasters” without actually naming names. So, thank you to Forbidden Technologies, the developer of cloud video editor Forscene, who told the world in May that in “collaboration with a global US technology giant, it has agreed a paid- for 12-month Forscene proof-of-concept, starting this month, with a major UK broadcaster.” Apparently, according to Forbidden, if the proof- of-concept is a success, the company will be able to “expand its presence across the broadcaster, offering significant upside potential.” They also say it will lead to Forbidden “enjoying both access to the US company’s clients and marketing of the workflow.” VIDEO CARDS The Epoch Supernova S+, Supernova CG and Neutron video cards from Bluefish444 are to be integrated into Visual Research’s KarismaCG family of creation and playout products. All three cards have on-board bypass relays, allowing on-air systems to manage power failures, power outages and other unforeseen circumstances. They are available with multi-channel 3G/HD SDI I/O at all resolutions up to UHD. Windows drivers are Thunderbolt 3-compatible, allowing the delivery of KarismaCG real-time graphics from a laptop with a Bluefish444 qualified T3 expansion chassis. The Neutron also features HDMI preview for low cost monitoring while the Supernova CG and the Neutron both have an on-board real-time hardware keyer. Bluefish444 has also announced Newtek Network Device Interface (NDI) integration with its SDI video cards. NDI allows multiple video mixers, graphics systems, capture cards, and many other products to identify and communicate with one another over an IP network. As a result of this announcement, the price of shares in Forbidden soared. Like me, you’re probably wondering who these companies are. We know that the global US technology giant concerned is a “major supplier of non-linear editing software.” I can think of three companies that fit that bill. The major UK broadcaster could be one of several. Being a nosy journalist, I’m keen to solve this riddle so I’ve asked around and tried to find out who the companies are. So far, I have little to go on. I will keep digging. It is clearly a big deal, one that (if successful) could provide a significant boost for both Forbidden and for the wider use of the cloud within video editing. Forbidden are floated on the stock exchange so they had to say something on securing this contract. Unfortunately, by providing such vague information, they are posing more questions than they are answering. Let’s hope the proof- of-concept is successful so that the riddle can be solved one day. ROUTING SOFTWARE NTP Technology introduced the latest version of its Visual Matrix Control (VMC) routing software to the Asia Pacific market at BroadcastAsia. VMC is a configurable Windows-based user interface for managing audio routing between studios. It is a client or server based application that allows multiple instances to run in parallel. This multiple user functionality includes individual user rights management for access to the various control features. VMC has a wide range of applications both in broadcast facilities and audio post- production houses, including the efficient and versatile management of signal routing and monitoring in the NTP Blue NET MADI and AoIP routing control system. 12 | KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016