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Welcome ISSUE 114: JUNE 2016 32 Welcome. Let’s start the issue with vertical video. For those not familiar then you may have asked someone taking a video with their phone being held in portrait mode; “do you watch tv like that?’ They are in fact social media leaders shooting vertical video. Magazine Office: PO Box 6090, Newbury, RG14 9BB, UK Millennials are the largest consumers of digital video spending 85% more time watching via smartphones than traditional tv. They also live for social media platforms like Snapchat with active users watching a reported 10 billion videos a day and YouTube with a billion or so views a day of which over half are on a mobile device. Editor: Simon Tillyer, Snapchat more or less forces users to record in the vertical format and with YouTube releasing apps for mobile users to view vertical video full screen the format is definitely on the increase. Launched in May 2016 the KitPlus Student Register connects employers either with vacancies or willing to share their skills and knowledge with students looking for experience and a foot in the door. The feedback from the register has been significant and new features have now been added to search for specific skills together with narrowing your search further to include the specific student interests and desired fields of expertise. Check out the updates here Production Editor: Matt Robbins, Advertising: Jonathan Highett, Louis Rushton, Accounts: Lucy Pittock, Adding further fuel is Facebook who in 2015 enabled verified VIP’s to live stream to their fans with their suitably named ‘Live’ feature. ‘Live’ has been refined over the last year and is now fully rolled out for anyone to stream what he or she is doing. This together with others such as Periscope and Meerkat, all with content intended to be viewed on a vertical screen, means that content producers can not ignore the need for media of this aspect. A sector of our future industry who will know all about the above are students breaking into the media world. Breaks often come from summer work experience and there’s never been an easier way to get access to hundreds of students looking for opportunities. Switchboard: +44 (0)1635 237 237 Events: Layout and artwork: John Fryer, Back copies: Online at: Hard copies available from the office on request. Website: Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all advertisements and other items in this publication, TV-BAY can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions or incorrect insertions. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of TV-BAY. E&OE Terms & conditions available at: Copyright tv-bay Limited 2004-2016. All trademarks acknowledged. Enjoy the issue + 44 ( 0 )1635 237 237 Simon Tillyer +44 (0)1635 237237 KITPLUS - THE TV-BAY MAGAZINE: ISSUE 114 JUNE 2016 | 03